How to Survive a New Moon in Capricorn with Mercury Retrograde

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New Moon occurs in Capricorn Saturday January Ninth at 9:30PM MST.

As the Cardinal Earth sign of the zodiac Capricorn is the sign of money and career driven ideals represented by patience, dignity, earth-wisdom and deliberate action. Caps are tenacious and know exactly what they want. This new moon will be very oriented in the finances and career sector of our lives. Astrologically Jupiter and Pluto were recently mingling in Sagittarius, the land of big ideas. As they move now into Capricorn together it is time to see those ideas come into fruition. This is a fabulous sign for new endeavors. But don’t jump on a new opportunity too soon.


Be careful, however, because Mercury is in retrograde which means that communications will be faulty so it may be a frustrating time to start new projects. This can lead to some serious complications with a new moon in the sign of…

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