Why Mercury Retrograde Doesn’t Scare Me.

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Monika Carless Author *Intuitive Coach


The first time I heard about Mercury being in Retrograde, I almost flipped out!

This was a few years back when the movements of the planets were obscured by my profound interest in the Moon, in fact, I think the Moon and I went steady for a while there.

Coming out of my Lunar fog, I was told that Mercury would be spinning backwards and that all manner of hell would break loose in my life. What did this person mean, spinning backwards? Did Earth ever spin backwards? What the bejaysus was going on?

What Mercury actually does is speed past Earth in its orbit around the Sun a few times a year, and when it does so, it leaves all of us Earthlings in a bit of a tail spin. What’s the bloody hurry anyway? But since Mercury is closest to the Sun of all the planets, I’m imagining…

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