Merc Rx in Aquarius & Capricorn (Jan 2016)

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The Sky Priestess: Dr Bairavee


Mercury Retrograde is a time where we revisit ideas, contracts, decisions, any type of significant commitment or investment of energy. Where there re-visitation takes place depends on the sign/s Mercury retrogrades in and what house/s that corresponds to in your chart.

In this case, we’re seeing Mercury shift out of Aquarius and into Capricorn, before it returns once more to the Water-Bearer. It’s a time to revisit the ideals we hold about the collective and our role within it, technological/electronic concepts, ideas or items (anything that holds that energy), friendship groups, social media networks and commitments to humanitarian causes. That’s Aquarius’ role.

Mercury’s transit in Capricorn asks us to consider whether the ideals we now believe in or identify with actually contribute to a legacy that is worth leaving behind for future generations. We also examine our relationship with institutions of governance, authority, power and statecraft to see how they…

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