Mercury Retrograde Jan 16

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“Mercury in Retrograde” 
by Ruby

The planet Mercury comes to a halt today and starts its 3-week long Retrograde phase, until Jan? This one has been pretty potent! Mercury is in mentally strong Aquarius for a few more days and then we shift back into more steady, self-sufficient Capricorn…so this will be a bit of a ride!

So far the shadow phase (the time prior to the actual Retrograde) has caused quite a disturbance for many. But this “Mercury Retrograde” phase can teach us many things. Read on to learn more!

Mercury is the planet of communication, it rules our thoughts and how we express ourselves. It’s important to not stop our lives just because “Mercury is in Retrograde,” out of the fear of what could or might happen…remember planets go Retrograde all the time, we have lived through many “Mercury Retrograde cycles before we ever understood remember.

This cycle gives us a opportunity to reflect…

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