* Into 2016 – New Year’s Astrology

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Voila – here’s a peek into the ‘Birth Chart’ of 2016 – January 1 at 12 am in Victoria:

2016 EntryAhhh, NO retrograde planets?!

Full speed ahead?

Apparently / technically.

However a ‘stormy’ time, with

  • URANUS in ARIES in ‘storm’, just came out of retro (Dec 25) and going direct again now – May I say: quake Dec 29?
  • MERCURY in CAP / AQ in ‘storm’, going retro on Jan 5 (until 25). What’s really essential? Time to restructure, declutter, clear and shape up.
  • JUPITER in VIR in ‘storm’, going retro on Jan 7 (until May 9): Soo many tools available… and little things can make a big difference.

All three Archetypes are quite dynamic. If you’re aiming to travel in the early days of 2016 be extra flexible. Not super suited for well-organized moves according to ‘Plan A’. Great for adventures.

Opportunities and inspirations for new moves are in the…

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