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Dr Bairavee : The Sky Priestess


~~ Mercury trines the North Node, sextiles the South Node ~~

Mercury (26 Capricorn) trines the North Node (25 Virgo), creating an energetic current that allows us to use the power of our intellect to find specific ways, detailed plans, pragmatic approaches needed to evolve into the Virgo Nodal Energy. Virgo’s energy covers so very much (just as all signs do) – health, wellness, daily routines, rituals, paths of service, Priestessing, and so on. We are likely to draw upon the wisdom of the Crone, or far older, established sources of power and authority, to help us understand how we can best realize Virgo’s energy into being.

Those with placements near 25-27 Taurus will experience this as a powerful Grand Earth Trine. Happy Manifesting! 🙂

~~ Mercury squares Mars, Mars inconjuncts the South Node ~~

Mercury (26 Capricorn) also forms a potentially stressful-and-creative aspect to Mars (26 Libra). Watch the…

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