Full Moon Christmas Day!

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DSC04179Merry Christmas! Surprise! Not since 1977 have we experienced a Full Moon on Christmas Day.

At 4:13a MST December 25th, the Moon will be at 03 degrees of Cancer 20′, bringing family, nurturance and caring to the fore! How appropriate. Since Cancer is the cardinal water sign, representing water, this sign is highly sensitive so watch out for hurt feelings if the communication isn’t entirely clear or timely! BE aware of your tone of voice, body language and words.

Come from the heart and love as best you can, always and in all ways. Family is the heart of this season despite what is going on in the media and world events. BE the change you want to see! I believe Mahatma Ghandi said this. BE heart, BE love, and BE true to you!

Cancer rules the stomach too! Highly sensitive to rich foods and over-eating or combining foods you…

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  1. Yeah. This was a great opportunity for clearing away a lot of the stagnant perceptual values that had been limiting the quality of my families interactions. A lot of shadow work and some guidance from the angel Azrael, and we can all move onto greater harmony and realization of our respective life’s purposes. Happy New Year!

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    • Thanks for the well wishing! I think a huge window of opportunity exists here as well. That is the lesson of the metaphor of the huge Powerball payout that the Universe (God, the Cosmic) is sending us. For those who can see it, an opportunity for a huge payout is possible now.

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      • Indeed. That’s quite true for me recently. All these great economic opportunities have been coming out of nowhere.


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