Full ’Long Nights’ Moon in Ardra

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In Native American cultures, December’s Full Moon that is near the Summer Solstice – thus travelling a high path through the sky – was known as the Full ’Long Nights’ Moon or Full ’Cold’ Moon. This year, we have a domicile Full ’Long Nights’ Moon near its southernmost ecliptical latitude (-5,84 degrees), below the star called ’Propus’ (eta Geminorum).

Full Cold Moon 2015

Chandra the Moon rides his chariot now (25. Dec. 2015, 11:12 UT) across the Ardra Nakshatra whose Ruler is Rudra. In the Hindu iconography, Rudra is represented as ’five-faced’ [pancha-anana) deity, holding a serpent on his head and the crescent Moon on his forehead; his animal symbol is often a female dog. Rudra is the most peaceful and also the most terrible deity at the same time, being a personification of Shiva, he has the ’Thunder Power’ that makes him undefeatable; Lord of wild animals, storms and all unexpected incidents, origin…

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