December Full Moon in Cancer Astrology – Home for the holidays

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Embodied Astrology

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Artwork by kotcha b, found on pinterestArtwork by kotcha b, found on pinterest

Hello beautiful.

This moon shines in her fullness in the early hours of Christmas morning. It’s the first full moon on Christmas day since 1977! As you know the full moon is an opposition (from the Earth’s point of view) between the Sun and the Moon. The Sun entered Capricorn a few days ago on the winter solstice marking the official beginning of winter. The Moon is in the opposite sign of Cancer. The Cancer/Capricorn axis represents the archetype of the parental figures and energy of the mother (Cancer) and the father (Capricorn.)

These two signs also mark the beginning of seasons; Cancer is the beginning of Summer, Capricorn the beginning of winter, and energetically they bring us into the the fullness of expanding (outward)…

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