Don’t Shoot the Messenger : Moon in Gemini

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When the Moon is in Gemini our collective mood urges us to communicate..last minute Xmas well wishes to even the furthest relative or long lost pal will certainly be happening. We’ll be wondering what every one is up to for the holidays and where the party is…texting/messaging to get the answers!
Keep it light and bright, and do party hop if you have the opportunity. Drop by friends and neighbours, to say hi.
Gemini is a sign of communication in a light, bright, specific way. It’s the messenger of the zodiac. If you follow the principle of connecting with those that stand out to you, remind you strongly of someone (in a positive way), or just have the gut instinct to call someone, go say hi and see what message they have for you, or you for them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. At this time of year people are often…

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2015-12-23 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2015-12-23 Calendar of Aspects

2015-12-23 Daily Calendar

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Captains of Industry : Sun in Capricorn 

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He asked ‘What’s yr fav position?’, She answered, ‘CEO’.

Happy Bday Caps!
For the next month the Sun is travelling through Capricorn..The Sun represents our conscious self expression and awareness (Moon unconscious). In Capricorn the Suns light is shining on all things Cap: authority, responsibility, duty, career, business and generally being a Captain of yr chosen industry.
We can all benefit from this energy by yes indulging in ‘the horn of plenty’, which is the pay off from all the hard work and planning..after the party and a few baroccas, tie yr laces, pull up your socks and keep working through January on your most cherished goals and ambitions.
The solar year doesn’t end in Dec, it continues on through to the end of Pisces in March. So take advantage of the cycle of universal energy and keep the ball rolling.
Capricorn solar month can b a real jewel in the…

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Full Moon in Cancer 12-25-15

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Emotional rebirth is a strong keynote of the Full Moon 3 degrees of Cancer on December 25th of 2015, the day that celebrates the birth of the Christ. Birth itself can be cathartic, excruciating or even ecstatic for the mother, disorienting or wonder-filled for the new life being born. There is a Upanishad saying that birth is death and death is birth…both are true in their own ways and those ways are highlighted now. Something that has been cultivated inwardly may shows signs of becoming ready to come forth, and something that has been too exposed might need to be tucked in for healing and regeneration.

Significant beginnings and endings are occurring simultaneously…

Phoenix cluster starbirth, NASA Phoenix cluster starbirth, NASA

Uranus stations direct at 17 degrees of Aries the same day bringing surprises and reversals that may be gifts in disguise. What’s the last thing you’d ever expect to happen? Basically, whatever happens will probably not…

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