Thank Goddess it’s Venus Day!

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9th House

Because of the more Cardinal and Mutable elements at work in the astrology of the moment, I haven’t spent much time talking about Venus in Scorpio. Faithful to herself, she has remained present and powerful but only to those who want to access her.

Friday is the day of the Goddess Venus so let’s spend a few minutes looking at Venus in Scorpio.


In astrology, Venus symbolizes pleasure, beauty and what we value. What brings us pleasure can vary greatly depending on the person.  For some its money or a beautiful home while others will find joy in a table full of food and good company. She rules over relationships and desires, commitments and marriage.

Venus’s domain is usually a comfortable and harmonious one. The contours are soft and pleasing to the eyes. The air feels good on the skin and there is a faint aroma of flowers in…

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  1. “On our quest for pleasure, we must not overlook Venus’ fierceness.” Very Wise words indeed. Charm and seduction can be a trap, because in seducing others, there is a chance that we will fall under our own spell. An element of the Greek Narcissus here. That’s useful advice, because I have lost count of how many times I have turned on the charm in order to achieve something, but then get bound up by the expectations of the persona I have created to fulfill that projection for others. Many thanks for sharing. I hope you have a great weekend. Warmest regards!

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    • Thank you!


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