Astro December Update!

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Rubys Readings


Astro December Update
By Ruby

There’s some very lucky days ahead and a cycle has begun that runs through Christmas Eve. Loving Venus trines Wounded Chiron and this is good for financial opportunities, and helps us with love and romance too. It’s also a good time to work on forgiveness. Perfect timing for this aspect to happen right before Christmas! So if there’s someone or something you need to forgive or perhaps would like to ask for forgiveness from…the opening is here and the energy is perfect. The Cosmos works in mysterious ways and is trying to gently push us into reaching out to help heal and open our hearts!

Financial Gains Ahead!

There is also several lucky astrological aspects involving finances (money) between now and the end of the year that we should really take advantage of!

Venus and powerful Pluto hangout in a more harmonious aspect through this…

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Taurus shines for lunar hair care the week of Dec 16 – 22

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Riding Moon Cycles

Taurus is highlighted for the Winter Solstice for lunar hair care for both coloring and haircuts. I choose Monday Dec 21 as the best day of this week for the strongest block of time for the sign that includes a bonus of positive aspects with Neptune, Pluto and Mercury.

DEC  21 MON for COLOR & PERM. A superior lunar hair care day for coloring has the combination of the waxing moon for color absorption and the Taurus astrological qualities of Fixed and semi-fertile. The same qualities make Taurus a good sign for a perm.

DEC 21 MON for CUT. The waxing moon favors faster growth after a haircut added to the Taurus class of cold. The class of dry for Taurus makes it highly recommended for the goal of thicker hair.

EST times are below.


Dec 16 PST
Treatment time: AVOID all day/night
Moon: V/C…

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Los Angeles Weather 12/22/15-1/1/16

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An Astrologist’s Guide to the GOP Debate

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Hands down the best analysis of the Republican candidates that I have seen so far. She makes several points, maybe inadvertently, to seasoned astrologers. One is that Kasich has Sun very close to Algol and Bush is square it. Do not be surprised to see one or both of these in the final ticket in either VP or President position. The Virgos would be smart to start aiming for VP, especially Carly. Noting that Ted Cruz was born at Winter Solstice we understand his power. He is weak currently (Solar 12th House), but after Christmas he will become a powerhouse. A Cruz (P) / Kasich (VP) ticket would not be surprising.


Illustration by Ellen Hoffman

Tonight, the GOP candidates will face off once again in a live debate televised by CNN. The junior varsity team’s debate will start at 6 p.m. ET and the varsity team’s will start at 8 p.m. ET. If this debate follows the same pattern as previous ones, Trump will have great one-liners, Cruz will provide a mini-sermon, and Rubio will wow us with his comprehensive knowledge of foreign relations; Carson will sound like the trustworthy “cranially-conjoined twin”-separating brain surgeon that he is while Jeb continues to play the part of every voter’s smart, kind (and yes, a little off) uncle; Fiorina, Christie, Kasich, and Paul will struggle to catch the spotlight all while trying to convince us that they are presidential.

But perhaps the stars and planets will have something to say about this debate. After all, the first full moon rising on Christmas since 1977…

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