Sun Trines Uranus 2015-12-05 (Yod + T-Squares)

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Sun Trines Uranus 2015-12-05 (Yod + T-Squares)

First, these are the same longer term Yod and T-Squares that have been in play for a week or longer.  If you are reading this contemporaneously, then you should know that.  If you are reading this in the future (after 2015 is over), then you should know that these patterns also apply to a number of other aspects in November and December.

So, we have little to add that is new, except that this is a day where surprises may happen.  They tend to benefit fire signs the most and air signs also.  Note that when we say “fire signs,” you might have your sun in Earth or Water but nearby planets such as Mercury or Venus in fire or air, or other planets in fire or air.  Depends on your personal chart.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities.  Here is the first variant of the chart, filtered for the longer term Yod that is in play:

2015-12-08 Sun trine Uranus (Yods)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The Yod emphasizes that we have a decision to make, and that it is a longer term Yod means it is a “big” decision that will last for months if not years.  The T-Squares are in play still, and that tells us that we have “energy” but a risk of danger or violence.  Here is this same chart, but filtered for the T-Squares:

2015-12-08 Sun trine Uranus (T-Squares)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This is a once a year aspect, and it repeats each year, though the surrounding patterns will likely change, and a few years in the future it will become a Virgo / Taurus trine instead of a Leo / Aries trine.


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