Sun square Chiron 2015-12-05

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Sun square Chiron 2015-12-05

We are going to minimize commentary about this ordinarily difficult aspect.  It represents a turning point in health, education, or both.  It happens within the larger framework of Saturn square Neptune, so reality colliding with delusions is a theme.  It is also the end of the semester for students, so it ties in with “final exams.”  It shortly precedes flu season which kills so many people (particularly elders), so it obviously ties in with that.  And it follows closely on the heels of yesterday’s Sun trine Uranus, so reading the commentary there is essential to understanding the context of the perfection of this aspect.

Here is the chart, with no filtering or “Beginner’s Page” since all of that is covered on yesterday’s Sun trine Uranus (and has not changed significantly since then):

2015-12-09 Sun Square Chiron

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