Card. T-Square to PLUTO in CAP: Spirit of Christmas?

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Pre-Holiday Stress anyone? Or cooking, writing, shopping up a storm (yep, pretty stormy here on Vancouver Island, not very outdoor friendly…)?
The storm is very apropos the Cardinal T-Square though, with MARS in LIBRA, which will square PLUTO tomorrow Dec 6, and oppose URANUS (which is in Dec a stationary focal point) on Dec 10 – whoaaaa!
Active all week, and actually throughout December.
Check out the chart – no boredom there.
MERCURY and JUPITER are also in square (and mutual reception, since MER is in SAG, and JUP in VIR, in each others’ ruled signs) – a tension between mind and meaning…
And the SATURN in SAG – NEPTUNE in PI square from Nov 26 is still in the atmosphere, of course: Old limiting beliefs die hard, but can merge in the unifying field now.

Voila, here’s the ‘squary’ chart:

MARS - PL T-Square Dec 2015

Back to the main feature of…

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