Virgo and Scorpio for lunar hair care the week of Dec 2 – 8

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Riding Moon Cycles

Lunar hair care principles call to focus on slower growth of hair during this week of the Last Quarter phase after a trim, haircut, or color/perm treatment.

DEC 2 WED and DEC 3 THU for CUT & COLOR. Virgo’s Mutable Earth and barren class is highlighted during the waning moon. Expect slower growth of hair after a cut while the moon is in Virgo and on the wane this week. The same holds true for chemical treatments like coloring or a perm.

DEC 7 MON and DEC 8 TUE: CUT & COLOR. The waning moon offers slower growth after a treatment. The quality of Fixed and class of fertile make Scorpio a good choice for the goal of thicker hair. The same qualities in the element of Earth are good for coloring hair.

EST times are below.


Dec 2 PST
Treatment time: AVOID before 2a

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Alchemy Astrology highlights: 1-2 December, 2015, Tuesday-Wednesday, Passive

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We agree. IF you have the energy to push, you can get things done. HOWEVER, you may not feel like pushing.

Alchemy Astrology

Moon in Leo, changes organizingemotionally dramatic.

Don’t expect to much of yourself right now. Conflict between ego and emotions may present as arrogance.  Watch that you don’t attempt to compensate for this by taking advantage of other people’s weaknesses.

Lab process of Digestion:
A kind of Putrefaction in which the nutrients or essences are reabsorbed. The slow modification of a substance by means of a gentle heat.

Learn Alchemy Astrology:
More info at
Facebook group Alchemy Astrology:

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Daily Aspects – Dec 2 – Magical, Soulful Clarity

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5D Astrology

At 8:42am on Wednesday the Sun at 10:03 Sagittarius Quintiles the North Node at 28:03 Virgo.

The Sun is in Sagittarius giving us a heads-up (clarity) around the structures that Saturn and Neptune will be dissolving. Depending on which House you have the Sun right now, you can expect to see what is going to be dissolved for just YOU.

The North Node is in Virgo bringing up Soul-Level lessons around our service to others. A Virgo is usually always the first person to jump in to get things done. They assume no one else is going to do, or do it well enough, so it is theirs to accomplish. And they DO accomplish it. Virgos get stuff done! They are the ‘get ‘er done’ Sign of the Zodiac.

Since Jupiter entered Virgo in August, most of us have felt over-worked as Jupiter expands the energy of each Sign. But…

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New Moon Predictions for December 11, 2015

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Divination Counseling Service

ARIES: This month that could feature blow ups and excitement either with one*s friends or work colleagues. Situations will bring up the idea of fairness and times when you might say to yourself, *Why me, God?* You are still feeling the effects of change and unpredictability. This month can feature doing things alone. In life there are just some things you have to do alone.
TAURUS: The fact is that there are many things related to a house or building that might have gotten out of control and in particular garages will come to your attention. The fact that one person has to depend on another can just be a necessary evil right now. Be wary of relationships or partnerships where one person is a patsy for the other.
GEMINI: Pain (emotional or physical) will cause a bit of chaos this month. In this case, it could even be chaos…

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December 2015 Insights

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Blue Flame Spiritual Consulting


Happy December! We are in the last 31 days of the year. Everyone will be hustling and bustling in the holiday spirit. Wrapping up work or personal projects. Key themes for us this month will be balance, strength and perseverance. Navigating these energies at times will bring us a sense of accomplishment along with a big sigh of relief that we made it through another year.

On Thursday December 3rd we start out with some pretty intense energies that will bring up some old emotional wounds from our childhood. A conversation, story or just simple reflecting over life might spring up some old emotions. If you feel yourself wanting to initiate in some self-sabotage, blame, or self-hate, cancel these thoughts and feelings immediately! There is nothing to blame or beat yourself up for. Know that what occurred in your past is over and done with. You can not go back and fix things…

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The Stars for December

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The Miller Minute

Happy December (2015)!

You love a good secret on the 3rd and 4th, and for some reason you’re a magnet for people who want to unburden their minds with sordid tales of depravity and debauchery. They don’t have to worry, though, because their secrets truly are safe with you.

So what are these runs about your lack of confidence about? The truth is on the 8th and 9th you’re the very best you that you can be, and the world should be knocking down your door just to get a glimpse of your fine self.

Stumbling upon new ways to organize your stuff or to clean your place is the highlight of your day on the 15th and 16th, and while it might not be exciting to anyone else, hey, it works for you.

It’s important to do your best work when a boss or teacher is watching on the…

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December 2015 Astrology – Sowing and Germination

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The Shift Has Hit The Fan

December 2015 is shaping up to look like a time of pivotal and profound decision-making. Both Carl Boudreau and Steve Judd are on the same page on this one.

Carl writes:
“I have discussed the world’s gradual emergence from a social, political and economic imbalance that massively favored the 1%. This imbalance was caused by a planetary arrangement that first went into effect in the early 1980s.  Roughly 30 years of this imbalance left the world’s social, economic and political systems in very serious need of reform….Progressive victories are no longer sporadic (i.e the rise of Bernie Sanders, the election of Jeremy Corbyn and Justin Trudeau). They no longer seem like flukes. Hope and the determination to bring change are quietly suffusing global collective consciousness. ..The astrological tables have turned. The economic and political tables appear to be turning also. Many of us want to hear that…

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2015-12-01 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2015-12-01 Calendar of Aspects

2015-12-01 Daily Calendar

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Mercury Trine Uranus 2015-12-01 (Fire Trine continues)

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Mercury Trine Uranus 2015-12-01 (Fire Trine continues)

The Grand Fire Trine from yesterday continues as Mercury conjunct Uranus perfects on this day, but it is dissolving as the Moon moves into the latter part of Leo.  Seize the opportunity or not.  Multiple squares form several T-Squares, so plenty of energy is present to get things done (like yesterday) as long as conflicts are either avoided or somehow harnessed.  A longer term Yod continues to be present, presenting a critical decision.

Here is the chart, filtered for the Grand Fire Trine:

2015-12-01 Mercury trine Uranus (Grand Trine)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

And, here is the chart, now filtered for the Yod:

2015-12-01 Mercury trine Uranus (Yod)[Click Image to Enlarge]

We now present the same chart, filtered for the T-Squares:

2015-12-01 Mercury trine Uranus (T-Square)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Avoid conflict (or integrate it favorably into your process), and you will have another day where you can accomplish much.  Issues involving transportation and communication are particularly favored.

Mercury does also square Chiron (we are living in a time where favorable and unfavorable aspects always seem to occur together), and, therefore, health and healthcare (or educational) issues may rise to the forefront.  Just know that the rest of the energies are with you, and knock this out.

About 9 PM CST (10 p EST / 7 p PST) the Moon goes void.  Wrap up everything by then and take the evening off (or clean house).



Daily Planetary Energy Report – December 1, 2015

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Planet Girl Consulting, LLC

Insightful and creative thoughts may occur in a flash as Mercury makes a pleasant connection to UranusMercury unstable with Mars generates a restless mind and original insights.

Jupiter and Uranus in a disciplined stance foster an appreciation for classic pieces, and of works of art with lasting value.

High minded thoughts and a focus on improving the quality of life is also part of the scene as Mercury and Neptune make a 9th harmonic connection, but vividly idealistic notions may send visionaries into wildly romantic territory when Venus is in an 11th harmonic alliance to Neptune.

The Moon also connecting with Mercury, Uranus and Venus throughout the day, adds to the quick and emotionally exciting scenario.

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Thanks for the mention! And thanks for a great parable about the computer problems. I wonder if the ancient mystics had problems re-booting their crystal balls?

jbuss Astrology

Well, had I known in advance, I certainly would have warned youalls about the Chiron Station last Friday.  Grandtrines ( had to remind me.  Another opportunity NOT to re-grasp our Old Bummers as they try to fly out of our ears, and another reminder that we grasp our Karma, not the other way around.  Have you noticed that Change is in the air even more than it has been lately?  I find these daily readings to be useful…

Here’s another picture of it…

My own experience hasn’t been as dramatic, but it’s certainly been interesting.  A couple weeks ago the computer on which I do most of my astrology crashed.  I tried several interventions, but none worked.  Meanwhile, it’s going on Thanksgiving in the USofA, where nothing much gets done, so I didn’t even try to call in the pros.  Big storm last week…

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Daily Aspects – Dec 1 – Soulful Expression

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5D Astrology

On Tuesday Mercury makes the only aspects to both Uranus and Chiron, 2 Soul Awareness points.

At 9:00am Mercury at 16:49 Sagittarius Trines Uranus at 16:49 Aries.

This is a wonderful ease between our conscious/vanity mind (Mercury) and our revelatory mind (Uranus). Trines allow us to move from 3D thought or energy into 5D if we allow it. But a Trine to Uranus means that the revelation will come through our conscious mind without us even having any chance to repress it or block it. It means we will recognize the flash of insight and use it fearlessly. Mercury in Sagittarius means he is already mixing energy with Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, so he has 2 Higher Mind energies assisting him to get a Soulful (Uranus) perspective (Jupiter). This new perspective will allow you to pursue your path to freedom (Uranus in Aries) while also keeping the big picture perspective…

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Mental activity supports changes, stay grounded during the Void time

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“Final Bang” of Uranus-Pluto Square

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Rubys Readings


Last week of November – first week of December
“Final Bang”
Uranus-Pluto Squares last act!

There’s been a disturbance in the force sort of speak over the last month or so, and this influence has caused some serious disruptive, explosive energy…that’s been felt around the world. The culprit being aggressive Mars squaring both Uranus and Pluto this week. And this is the “final bang” of the Uranus-Pluto “Square” energy and we’ve been feeling it! If you remember me discussing the Uranus-Pluto Square and it affects over the last three years, then just know this is the final challenge, or hurdle for this chaotic, disruptive energy! It can have us feeling rebellious, nervous, frustrated and sometimes even violent. This Mars/Pluto energy is all about survival!

If you haven’t already noticed people are feeling edgy and pushed, so they are fighting back and reacting out loud or even physically. It’s extremely important…

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9th House

Sun sign horoscopes cannot replace a proper analysis of your birth chart and transits of the moment. They are meant to be a broad insight into certain time signatures. If you want a more detailed forecast, you can book a reading here. It will be my pleasure to help you unlock and prepare for any upcoming opportunities or challenges. You can also subscribe to my monthly horoscopes here.

*The rising sign is essential in understanding our personal dispositions, please read your Sun sign and Rising sign for extra clarity.Happy explorations!





Your wish to break free and start anew is increasing by the nanosecond. You are tired of your old stomping ground and you want out. This is old news to you, I know.  You have felt this way for some time. The New…

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Wishing You a Blessed December !

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Frani Blaylock Astrologer - Your Guide to the Stars

~*~ Welcome December ~*~
December starts out with a Fabulous Grand Trine in Fire Signs !
On December 1, 2015 in the early hours at 1:17am current Chicago Time – Moon is at 16 Leo trine Mercury at 16 Sagittarius trine Uranus at 16 Aries.You could be feeling very outgoing and exuberant at this time and there can be sudden, surprising communications coming to you. One’s mind and heart will be on the same wave length; however, thoughts and feelings can change at the speed of light. You can have sudden positive clarifications and synchronicities. Mercury trine Uranus brings the proverbial ” Aha” moment. If you are asleep at this time – dreams can be very revelatory and vivid. This is also a great time for meditation or lucid dreaming – Enjoy …

Wishing you a Blessed December !
Frani Blaylock 12/30/2015

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