Sun Conjunct Saturn – November 28th, 2015: Self-Worth Takes Time

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Venus In The Fifth

Ivan_Akimov_Saturn_ Saturn cutting off Cupid’s wings with a scythe (1802) Ivan Akimov

Transiting Saturn @ 7 degrees Sagittarius is currently conjunct the cosmic taskmaster, Saturn. We may be painfully aware of our shortcomings and feeling confident may be a bit of a challenge. Focusing on our faults and beating ourselves up simply isn’t the answer right now even though we may feel tempted to do so. Saturn is all about disciplined and patient effort; feeling good about ourselves doesn’t happen overnight.

Saturn’s Square to Neptune can create self-defeatist attitudes and we don’t want that, now do we! We can be our own worst enemy with this aspect. As someone who has the Saturn/Neptune opposition I can’t count the number of times I’ve unnecessarily shot myself in the foot. Try to have realistic (Saturn) dreams (Neptune) and work on forgiving yourself. None of us are perfect; work on your flaws but don’t…

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The YOU Make a Difference Award, thank you!

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Thank you for the award!


I know I’m forgetting a lot of people, but these are the first ones, okay?

for the True Blue Award they have either reblogged my entries, left comments or have done something extraordinary to make me smile:


It is What it is


American Liberal Times

The Year(s) of living nonjudgmentally

The Red Hot Passionate People aka those that write for those that can’t.


It is What it is

American Liberal Times

Sachem speaks

The Fifth Column

And the Wiccan/Pagan Green 


Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess


see here’s a spot where I know that there has to be other Pagan/Wiccan blogs…

where oh where are you?

Here is the original piece of art I did! look familiar? lol 😉

Wormhole of my heart! why yes, I am a Stargate fan! lol

The Awards are color coded; Blue for ‘true’ or loyal friends, Red for those that run…

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Today’s transits – November 28, 2015 – Saturday

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minute astrologer

Moon at 13 degrees Cancer opposite Pluto at 13 degrees Capricorn (tropical zodiac).
Time for upsetting emotion.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                   Cancer @ 13 deg.
Sun                       Sagittarius @ 06 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Sagittarius @ 12 deg.
Venus                 Libra @ 22 deg.
Mars                    Libra @ 08 deg.

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 20 deg.
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 07 deg.
Uranus                Aries @ 16 deg.  (Retrograde until December 25, 2015)
Neptune             Pisces @ 07 deg.


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Annual Sun-Saturn Conjunction

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Atlas Astrology is right in this detailed analysis of the aspect.  We all get it once a year, and we all go through it.  It is a “tough” kind of day, but it is also a day where you can build something lasting.

Quoted from the post:

“Each year the Sun approaches Saturn for their annual conjunction. Since 2012, this meeting between the sun and Saturn has happened in Scorpio. Since Saturn has entered Sagittarius, this is the first year these two bodies meet in the Sagittarius section of the sky.

On a personal level, the Sun – Saturn conjunction shines a bright light on Saturn in Sagittarius lessons of the house it is transiting. This time around the cosmic clock winders have deemed it necessary for us to come into awareness of our personal and collective Saturn square Neptune stories as well. Over the course of the next year, Saturn and Neptune will square off three times. As this is happening, Chiron is stationary, and a pronounced element of healing and seeing through is involved with the gestalt of the moment.

The Sun and Saturn both indicate authority figures, and in the natal chart often represent the father. Authority figures in this case do not have to be male and do not even have to be animate. Sagittarius is about unifying systems of belief/ideology/thought so that all the available knowledge is synthesized and referred to from this holistic perspective. For this reason, Sagittarius is often associated with an uncanny ability to to look behind the surface to see deeper meaning, and with the ability to prophecy.”

Source: Annual Sun-Saturn Conjunction

Stay grounded and present due to various planetary activities

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#NSA Ends Phone Data Collection Program

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Not sure I quite believe this. Horny toad space aliens, I might believe. But not that the NSA will REALLY give this up! 🙂

thewritealice MLS - Let Us Write You The World In Our Eyes.

The government will now have to request data from the relevant telephone company @thewritealice

Source: NSA Ends Phone Data Collection Program

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Sun conjunct Saturn. About Saturn’s ’Cazimi’

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Astrology Software 2021

Sun conjunct Saturn. About Saturn’s ’Cazimi’, or its position ’in the Heart of the Sun’.

Sun conjunct Saturn

Ancient astrologers told that the closeness of the Sun (approx. 10 degrees) increases the detrimental effect of the ’combust’ Saturn. ’Combustion’ is a Medieval term that means that such a planet is getting swallowed by the ’beams’ or ’fire’ of the Sun. But, by the ancient astrological tradition, there is a short interval within this conjunction which enhances Saturn’s beneficial side and Saturn will be ’wonderous strong’ as W. Lilly said. It is called ’Cazimi’ (transliteration of the Arabic term kaṣmīmī) or ’Egkardios’ (ancient Greek word) – this is the position ’in the Heart of the Sun’, i. e. the position in which a planet is ’within’ the sun disk. To properly understand ’Cazimi’, we explain the required astronomical knowledge simply and shortly. The apparent (i.e. angular) diameter of the solar disk is circa 32…

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Sun, Saturn, Neptune, optimism or oblivion?

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

The Sun ignites and highlight the SATURN/ NEPTUNE SQUARE on Sunday, as Sun and Saturn connect for a sobering fatherly get together at 7+ degrees of Sagittarius.  That was a mundane preview on Thanksgiving at Saturn Neptune’s first exact square. 

The Sun will really illuminate the Shadows of the Neptune side of unreality beginning on the 29th and continuing for most of 2016. This is a very powerful alignment that date translates as 11/11 and it’s my birthday. 

Saturn is responsibility,and sobriety. Neptune in Pisces is addictions, the scapegoat blame game and self-made martyrs. The two planets couldn’t be more opposites and we can see that extreme quality everywhere. Saturn in Sagittarius rules politics as well. Neptune in Pisces is illusions, fakery, magic shows, hype. 

Highlight include, faith healers being exposed for tax evasion. Julian Assange being freed after almost 5 years of being locked up for no specific…

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Chart Analysis for MM born 1954-04-03

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I have not done an individual chart online for several years, and this will be the first.  (I still have several others “in the queue” yet to be done.)

Reader MM wrote the following:

“Just saw this. Suffering PTSD from beng target of years of governmnet corruption and having antire city hate me in Philadelphia. Birthday April 3, 1954 3:04 am Oakland CA, I think Chiron is stationing direct on my Mercury as I write this. The struggle with so many injuries and terror is intense. Thanks MM.”

I have anonymized the original entry.

To be fair, I did take the name you offered and ran an internet search.  Needless to say, I cannot verify any information beyond that.  That said….

You are doing what you need to be doing, and I think you already know that.  If you are who you say you are, then you already know that you are a warrior and mystic both, and you take on challenges that others cannot or will not.  Although I can understand this from what I have read on the internet (you are moderately famous in certain circles), your chart (which I ran first) confirms this.  But, where to begin?

You have a number of patterns in your chart, and patterns are my specialty.  Other astrologers can speak to individual aspects or houses or progressions or whatever, but my strength is patterns and what they have been built from.  That is what we will focus upon.

Your patterns include: (1) T-Squares; (2) Grand Trines; (3) a Yod (a single Yod, a fundamental decision that you periodically re-evaluate in your life); (4) a Mystic Rectangle (probably both the source of your strength and the reason you just will not walk away from conflicts); and (5) probably the highest number of Kites I have ever seen in a natal chart.

We will begin with the T-Squares.   Natal Sun in Aries tends to be associated with both leadership and open conflict, but with your numerous T-Squares conflict is a way of life.  It has always been with you, and it will always be with you even if you do sometimes tire of it.  Here is your natal chart, filtered for the T-Squares:

MM done 2015-11-28 SAT (T-Squares)

[Click on Image to Enlarge]

Based on discovery of one of your blogs, I know that you already know how to read this.  Perhaps you are another astrologer who is “testing” me.  But, if your birth chart is accurate, then that is exactly what you would do.  With this many squares, you run TOWARDS conflict rather than away.  (But, again, you already know this.)

You also have a number of Grand Trines.  You have so many that, if you did not have the numerous T-Squares, you might never get out of your chair.  (Grand Trines are gifts, but they tend to make people very, very lazy.)  Since these are fire trines, you can be inspirational, and you often motivate others to do your work for you.  You have no trouble whatsoever delegating and sending others out on a mission.

Here is your chart, filtered for the Grand Trines:

MM done 2015-11-28 SAT (Grand Trines)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Mars is very important to Aries, and yours is at 26 Sadge.  Sadge can be many things, including Universities and foreign travel.  It is certainly religion (along with Pisces).  Sadge is the sign of the Pope (metaphorically, not literally), and we would expect you to “get things done” by being a church leader.  Mars is also the single planet in Sadge that completes ALL of your Grand Trines, making this relationship pivotally important.

Your life is dominated by a series of fundamental decisions, and an argument can be made that you make the same fundamental decision repeatedly although it make wear slightly different clothes at different times.  This decision is illustrated by the Yod in your chart:

MM done 2015-11-28 SAT (Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The issue you have to decide between includes (a) North Node at the apex (hard work and “karma” that you work through repeatedly); (b) Jupiter on one leg (religion, universities, law and legal environments, and foreign travel / foreigners); and (c) Pallas on the other leg (innovations and smart ideas, particularly regarding going to war with someone).  Note that, at any given time, you can have (b) OR (c) but NOT BOTH.  You may be able to harness people via religion to “get things done” but chances are good you will ultimately alienate them.  So, you can go to war (quite effectively) or you can have the gifts of Jupiter (religion, education, law and legal issues, and travel) but not both.  (Law and legal environments might be a sort of exception.  But chances are good you can sustain that, and you will likely tire of any one issue.)

You have MANY kites, which means you “came in” with many gifts / opportunities.  Chances are good that you know this, and you have likely seized the ones you can.  The numerous kites in your chart tell us this.  (I have never seen another NATAL chart with this many kites except, maybe, Hillary Clinton’s.  And, yours are more focused than hers.)  Here is the chart, filtered for kites:

MM done 2015-11-28 SAT (Kites)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Finally, you have a Mystic Rectangle.  These are rare to begin with, and I have only seen them in two natal charts that I have worked with.  (The other chart is Hillary Clinton‘s.)  It gives you powerful gifts, but they are so powerful that you cannot resist the challenges even when you should.  Here is your chart, filtered for the Mystic Rectangles:

MM done 2015-11-28 SAT (Mystic Rectangle)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

In an odd way, you remind me of the fictitious character Marty McFly:

 Sometimes it might behoove you to “just walk away.”  Except, of course, that you cannot do that.  Like Marty, that might ultimately be your downfall.

Square Key 2015-11-28

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Square Key 2015-11-28

This particular Saturday has a bit of annoyances in the morning followed by the insights from a Venus / Chiron Biquintile in the evening.  (Afternoon / late night for EU / UK.)  A Square Key formation begins about 8 AM CST (9a EST / 6a PST) and lasts until about 2 PM CST (3p EST / Noon PST).  We present the chart at or near (depending on your orbs) the beginning of the formation:

2015-11-28 Square Key

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Like the earlier aspects (Venus semi-square Saturn and sesquiquadrate Neptune earlier in the morning), this pattern tends to be a bit annoying.  And ALSO like the Venus / Chiron BiQuintile this evening, this pattern tends to bring insights (aka “lessons”).  Expect the unexpected, and learn what you can.  A quiet evening at home might be better than a major party tonight.

2015-11-28 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2015-11-28 Calendar of Aspects

2015-11-28 Calendar

Venus is irritated by both Saturn (reality) and Neptune (dreams).  None of it fits, and we feel it in our relationships, health, and finances.  Most or all of it is minor irritation that stirs us to take action.  Subtle insights come by evening, and we receive a hint as to how to solve the problem (if we are paying attention).

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Current Forecast – Nov 23 – Dec 22, 2015

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Daily Aspects – Nov 28 – Desires Meet Dissolution

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5D Astrology

Saturday is doing to be an interesting day. There are 3 aspects and Venus makes all 3 of them.

Venus rules desires, beauty, earned income, available resources, luxury items, values and sensual touch. And she rules Libra, where she is Transiting right now which rules relating-ships, diplomacy, balance, reciprocity and close friends.

Venus will aspect both Neptune and Saturn giving us a unique perspective of what they are doing with their ‘dissolving structures’ energy. And then she will make a very magical aspect to Chiron with will leave us all feeling so good.

On Sunday the Sun will enter the Square of Saturn to Neptune as the Sun Conjuncts Saturn. This will be clarity around what is going on and leaving our world via their energy.

But Saturday is a bit more subtle as Venus rules desires and can be less easy to feel and she is aspecting them both…

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* CHIRON in PISCES goes direct on Nov 27! With the ‘Wound’ Comes the Medicine.

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It may go direct on the 27th, but many will feel it on the 28th and 29th (two days after the station).

Melanie's Astro~News

The post-Full MOON in GEM squared CHIRON in PI and JUPITER in VIR this afternoon / evening: More mutable T-square vibes: How can we learn (GEM) to balance doing / organizing / helping / problem solving (VIR) and being in a good vibration and empathetic resonance (PI), which carries higher intelligence…?!


CHIRON now in mid-PI (which has a SCO undertone) shows us where and how we feel deeply vulnerable – maybe through our sensitivity and openness.
CHI was in PI in the 1960’s and comes full circle now – esp. for those of us born under that signature.
Many clients with CHIRON in PI have come to me over the years, expressing how much they can be affected by what they take in from their environment, and how that can ‘contaminate’ their lives: “I keep picking up stuff that’s not mine…”.
Some say, “You need better boundaries!”. Maybe. But PI…

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