Setting Intentions *Full Moon*

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This is an opportune time to ask the Universe to help bless and release whatever you need to let go of, and do away with what doesn’t serve you. The intentions that are set during a “Full Moon” will set you on the right path towards your desires.

During the full moon we often experience an energy shift. So we must release the old energies, to be open for the new energies that will be coming in.

What to Release under a Full Moon: 
* Lower energies 
* Negative patterns or bad habits 
* Unhealthy situations or relationships

Have a conversation with the Universe (meaning your higher power, Guides, Angels, etc), and ask the “Full Moon” to help illuminate the path that leads towards your deepest desires. Simply ask to be led to what you’re choosing to manifest. Remember to allow the time needed for your guides to light the…

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