Gemini Full Moon

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9th House

reads-2 Illustration by James R. Eads. Check out his tarot deck here:

To celebrate the Gemini Full Moon which will be exact tonight at 17:44 EST, I want to inundate you with some fun facts.

-Did you know that our body fluids have the same mineral composition as seawater?
Our blood, lymphatic fluid and intracellular fluid or plasma (the colorless fluid part of the blood), contains all one hundred or so minerals and trace elements that exist in the ocean. Just imagine, the necessary life-giving elements that circulate in the ocean currents, are the very same elements, and in very similar concentrations, that flow through our veins. (Sea Water, Organic Substance, 1987)

That means we carry the ocean inside of us!

-The menstrual cycle in reproductive-age women lasts about 28 days, which is similar to the length of a lunar phase (29 days and change). A study published in the…

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