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Full Moon Guide 
by Ruby

“How does the ‘Full Moon’ affect you, and how do you utilize its potent energy?”

During a Full Moon you have an opportunity to bring about some positive changes in your life, if you use this energy wisely. It either can increase the positive energy around you or it can be an emotional wrecking ball…the choice is yours. This guide is a helpful reminder, about how to work with the Full Moon and it’s energies.

Remember a Full Moon disperses a lot of energy, and that energy pours into each and every one of us. So the key to achieving success during a Full Moon is to stay calm, and embrace its positive effects. Whatever is going on with your mind, body and spirit will certainly be felt much stronger during a Full Moon, and our emotions can seen extremely intense. A Full Moons energy…

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  1. Great post. Thank you for sharing. Yeah I used to get fucked over by the moon hardcore. I spent a bunch of time doing schuuman resonance binaurals over the full moons and it made a hell of a difference. Also facing shadow self and integrating it soothes that transition. Any lurking painful emotions can get the jump on you in this period if they are repressed. They have no such luck any more.

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    • Very interesting! Source of binaural recordings?

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      • You Tube is packed with them. Many different kinds for body, mind soul and personal prosperity. I use them on a daily basis to clear my subtle energy field and balance my chakras or to help remove negative entities, thought-forms and energetic cords. I also use them as needed for detoxing and balancing the organs and nervous system according to Chinese Shamanic medicine diagnosis. If you need any more advice about these or other energy medicine ideas, please let me know. Always happy to help.


      • Hmm, that is really interesting. Might be a topic for either (a) you to do on your blog (links to suitable YouTube videos) or (b) for me to maybe do on Lost Dudeist Astrology (where I have looser “rules” about what I post) or (c) both.

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      • You Tube has tons of them. I use them extensively in my energy healing work. Let me know if you need any advice abut them!

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      • I will check on that. Thanks for the tip!

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      • Cool. Happy Tubing!

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