Forecast for the 2015 Scorpio New Moon

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November 25, 2015

2:44 PM PST / 5:44 PM EST / 10:44 PM GMT

3 Gemini 20 / 2 Sagittarius 20

The real-world impact of ideas comes home to roost at the Gemini Full Moon. It delivers an emotional report card that we can’t hide — which won’t stop some of us from trying. It rewards responsibility. It motivates responses and reactions. And it brings constraints, sanctions and repercussions

Since Gemini is an air sign, you might expect a full moon in it to be more intellectual and detached than emotional. Not this one. It’s laden with heavy energies, finger-wagging, patronizing and aggression. On the plus side (there’s always a plus side), the line-up inspires maturity, wisdom, taking control of your information flow and assuming responsibility for thoughts, words and belief. Behave like a grown-up, and you will reap solid emotional support. Otherwise, it’s cosmic nun with the…

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