Windy Skies

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9th House

potter-cattle-sheep-stormy-landscape-NG2583-fm Paulus Potter: ‘Cattle and Sheep in a Stormy Landscape’

This week promises to be quite volatile. We have a Full Moon in Gemini coming up on Wednesday, as the Saturn/Neptune square becomes exact. Venus opposing Uranus will deliver some surprises in your relationships. A lot of unexpected twists, bubble bursting moments and restless energy is in the air. Anxiety can be a manifestation of this type of mutable weather, so relax the mind. Stay away from drama if you can, and find some grounding within your body.

The Moon will be in Taurus for the next 2 days so root yourself to face the winds. Be realistic in your appraisal of what you can do, and simplify where possible.


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  1. Oh yeah, this is happening.

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    • A good description of the times we live in….

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      • Agree. I feel like I might be staying close to home and laying low at least for this Gemini full moon. * cue twilight zone music

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      • Hah! Thanks for a smile! (But, you are right!)

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