Slipping out of control

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9th House

conspiracy-and-paranoia-arion-khedhiry Conspiracy and Paranoia by Arion Khedhiry

The Sun and Mercury are within the last degrees of Scorpio
Meanwhile, Venus squares Pluto and the Moon is still in Pisces.

High Alert for:

-Emotional Obssessions
-Meeting your shadow through others
-Looking for something that isn’t there
-Feeling like something is slipping out of your control
-Paranoia, anxiety, fear, irrationality, manipulation
-Passionate encounters

Take a deep breath…and release.

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  1. certainly makes sense after the past week … 😦 lets hope for better days ahead for everyone, everywhere… 🙂

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    • The Uranus / Pluto squares really did bring change; but, I am with you. Time for a break. Maybe a little peace for a change?


  2. Right? Fear, paranoia, anxiety reminiscent of that dance I learned from Phantom of the Opera. This has been so inspiring I am not getting too upset about the disillusionment. Or my life collapsing neatly like a demolition blast. I’m writing so many poems right now in my book… I have you to thank for that GT. Thank you for teaching me how to do that. It really means a lot. I still have a lot of revisions to do… But maybe by the end of this I’ll have enough for a book. My thoughts are getting clearer so I would really like to put less dark emotional stuff in but more religion philosophy and literature. Bring it Sag.


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