Mercury in Sagittarius

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Mercury the planet that rules communication and information has been in more mysterious, but highly communicative Scorpio for quite awhile. Today mental Mercury switches gears once again and shifts into more adventurous Sagittarius, where it will transit until December 9th.

While Mercury was in Scorpio, our way of thinking was more deep and focused within ourselves, we spent a lot of time researching our deeper emotions, and our souls path. With Mercury in Sagittarius, the energy is lighter and our thinking process shifts into looking outside ourselves again, and at the whole picture. We are more focused on the details but not to precise with information.

Mercury being in Sagittarius can be a double-edged sword, simply because we’re way more open-minded and feel the need to learn a wide range of topics, but we can take it too far and get lost. We also tend to say “exactly” what is…

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  1. Yeah this was bang on for the way my writing has been coming out I have been working on a series and even thought they are geared around the same theme and I attempted to write them in the same tone, I could really feel the shift between the deep emotional aspect of Scorpio which pulled me deep inward and brought some shadow to the surface, and more recent ones which have been lighter because of the eternal Sagittarian optimism, but way more abrasive in terms of that scathing mercurial influence in the communicaiton of deep intellectual conviction and a Sagittarian passion for truth. As always thank you for the valuable insight!


    • The first part of Sadge is the “Eye of the Archer,” and it can be a bit tough. Things will smooth out. Definitely a rough ride in Scorpio this year!

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      • Thank you kindly. I’m well equipped to handle whatever comes my way. Alchemically speaking I have taken it up a notch. Things that used to rattle me to the core are passing like water of a ducks back. The full moon has become a welcome source of transformative power rather than something I just have to hang on tight for. Refining the brain and nervous system through yoga and intense exercise regimes and keeping on my toes re: celestial energetic curveballs. This is a very good sign that I’m responding correctly to the spirit of my dominant astrological influences. And once again thank you, for all your wonderful resources, they have been a big help in developing this newly refined sense of well being.

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      • Glad to be a source of light on your journey. We entitle that series of lessons annually, and you sound well prepared for the encounter!

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      • Indeed. All the more thanks to all your great insight. Many blessings!


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