Scorpio New Moon Energy

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From Patricia Liles:
Scorpio New Moon aligns and awakens us to the cycle of the great Mysteries. Scorpio holds the power of the water element with its emotionally penetrating receptivity and capacity for depth and magnetism; it doesn’t get more feminine than this. The mysteries of birth, death, deep inner transformation, sexuality, and our power held in shadow as yet unconscious to us are all represented by this Scorpionic Moon. The magnificent forms of destruction and creation are Scorpio’s realm. Now is a good time to focus on how our ego voices are communicating within our heads. Is there a tendency to sting yourself like the scorpion with critical self talk? Can you identify where you dis-empower yourself and others through your thinking and speaking?If you can root out these unconscious mechanisms, you will go a long way to letting more love and power flow through…

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