Daily Aspects – Nov 12 – Mercury & Mars Get Soulful

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5D Astrology

As I write this on Wednesday, the New Moon is applying to exact. I’m feeling the shift of energy. This New Moon occurs in my 1st House of myself, my body, my first impression and the way I assert myself. That means the last New Moon was in my 12th House and I was isolating more and withdrawing from things as an annual cycle ended. Now, it is a ‘fresh start’ and a new annual cycle for me. Do you know where the New Moon took place in your chart? Email me (5dastrology@gmail.com) if you would like to know: your birth date, time of birth, and city of birth and I’ll let you know. I will also send you an email with your birth chart so you have it to follow.

NOTE: To get the most of this Daily Aspects posts, you should have a copy of your Natal Chart…

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