New Moon 11/11 at 19 degrees Scorpio

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By Jane


Final Lunations of 2015

  • Nov 11th, 2015: New Moon at 19 degrees Scorpio, 12:47 PM, Wednesday
  • Nov 25th, 2015: Full “Beaver” Moon at 3 degrees Gemini, 5:44 PM, Wednesday
  • Dec 11th, 2015: New Moon at 19 degrees Sagittarius,  5:29 AM, Friday
  • Dec 25th, 2015: Full “Cold or Long Night” Moon at 3 degrees Cancer, 6:11 AM, Friday

“THE MOON makes a series of positive planetary connections leading up to this new lunar cycle. MERCURY closely accompanies this SCORPIO NEW MOON, indicating deep considerations and research over the next two weeks of the waxing moon. Some of the best insights come from dreams and spiritual realms, with healing import. Think of a snake shedding its outworn skin. Be gentle, we can’t force the process. As we share our perceptions we find…

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New Moon 11th November – Life, Light and Shadows

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Michelle McClunan


By Michelle McClunan

One of the things I love about writing these newsletters is that I get to ponder things more deeply and intensely than usual… deep and intense both being properties of Scorpio, along with transformation and change, our theme for November.

On the 11th November, we have a New Moon in Scorpio, joined by Mercury, which means that the focus is on giving careful consideration to and transforming our beliefs and the way we think and communicate.

As we hurtle at breakneck speed towards the end of the year, rest assured, you are not alone if you feel like the world is a difficult place to be in. The “shift” that many of are continuing to experience, I believe, is about how we deal with what’s going on “out there”… “in here”.

“The only way out… is in!”

The reality is that the world will continue to…

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New Moon week for Lunar hair care Nov 11 – 17

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New Moon in Scorpio….. Diwali Festival of Lights

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Wednesday 11 November marks the annual New Moon festival of Diwali, where Hindus around the world light lamps to show the way home for the returning King Rama and his entourage of Lady Sita, Prince Lakshmana and head of the troops Lieutenant Hanuman. With the dark moon night leaving the moon conspicuous by its absence, the lamps brightly allow us to invoke the light by dispelling the darkness in our lives.

Rama is of course our own Vishnu avatara, alternative incarnation of Krishna, appearing millions of years ago with a green comlexion and becoming known as the ieal king, ruler or leader or his people. From this dynasty we get the term “Rama Rajaya” – a time of perfected rulership and idyllic utopian society. We all pray that India’s BJP, Congress Party and others will introduce such an administarative rule once again, under Prime Minister Modi. More than that we…

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2015-11-10 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2015-11-10 Calendar of Aspects

2015-11-10 Calendar

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Today’s transits – November 10, 2015 – Tuesday

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minute astrologer

Saturn moves to 05 degrees Sagittarius (tropical zodiac).  What do you have at 05 degrees in your chart?
Time for another lesson in freedom.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                   Scorpio @ 07 deg.
Sun                       Scorpio @ 18 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Scorpio @ 13 deg.
Venus                 Libra @ 02 deg.
Mars                    Virgo @ 28 deg.

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 18 deg.
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 05 deg.
Uranus                Aries @ 17 deg.  (Retrograde until December 25, 2015)
Neptune      …

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9th House

We are in the midst of Fall season. The Sun and Moon are in the sign of Scorpio. It is a Dark Moon just before the New Moon in Scorpio on November 11. Regeneration is the word.

The sign of Scorpio is often associated with the darker side of life. There is self-control and the emotional nature of this Fixed water sign is often compared to very deep waters with a calm surface; powerful and quiet.


Wherever Scorpio falls in your natal chart, is a part of life where you meet your shadows. Where the deeper undercurrents of obsession, passion and intense emotions get stored. Where you can be preoccupied with survival and control and where there is a tremendous well of will and resilience.

Interesting that both the sign of Scorpio and the scorpion, rely on vibrations from their surroundings to help them determine what is taking place in their…

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New Moon in Scorpio

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Your Stars Are You

fall-tree-11Greetings from Little Creek Farm Road!

The New Moon this month is in the most reclusive and complex sign of the zodiac:
Scorpio. It is related to darkness, the unknown, our dragons and all types of negative energies. Are you rather hesitant to go on reading our message?

Well, don’t be because all you have to do is turn it all around, release those old
worn energies and draw in new energy into your core. Let’s look at the positive and promising side of this sign.

So why don’t you have a little ceremony near your trash can and throw away things that you’ve been holding onto for too long. For example, release your stubbornness and  follow the advice of your colleague.  Also let go of things that weigh you down such as unpleasant habits, stale ideas, and even material possessions.

Another idea is to sit with a tree…

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2015-11-11 New Moon in Scorpio (Yod, Hele, and Rosetta)

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Much has been written about the 11/11 New Moon elsewhere, we will avoid duplicating that commentary.

We note that a particularly powerful Yod (at least two, actually) is present, and the New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) is on one of the legs of the Yod with Uranus at the apex and Jupiter conjunct Hygeia on the other leg.  (Four different yods can be derived from this: (1) Moon / Jupiter; (2) Sun / Jupiter; (3) Moon / Hygeia; and (4) Sun Hygeia).  Needless to say, we are facing a complicated set of decisions (four or more) with this New Moon.

Here is the chart, filtered for Yods:

2015-11-11 New Moon Scorpio (Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Both a Rosetta (short term allegiances with the potential for treachery) and a Hele (long term allegiances, usually stable) are present.  You will need to sort out who your true friends are, and under this Scorpio NM that may be a bit difficult.

Filtered for Hele:

2015-11-11 New Moon Scorpio (Hele)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the (same) New Moon chart filtered for the Rosetta:

2015-11-11 New Moon Scorpio (Rosetta)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

2015-11-10 Sun Sextile Jupiter (Hele + Rosetta)

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2015-11-10 Sun Sextile Jupiter (Hele + Rosetta)

This aspect perfects later in the day after Mercury Sextile Pluto perfects.  The same patterns are in play: overlapping yods, hele, and rosetta.  Here we filter to illustrate the Hele (long term alliances) and Rosetta (short term alliances and sometimes treachery):

2015-11-10 Sun Sextile Jupiter (Hele)

[Click to Enlarge]

2015-11-10 Sun Sextile Jupiter (Rosetta)

[Click to Enlarge]

This is a “feel good” day, mostly, and you can accomplish important results if you put the effort into the process necessary.  Be careful about your alliances.  All is not entirely clear at this time.

2015-11-10 Mercury Sextile Pluto (Yod)

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2015-11-10 Mercury Sextile Pluto (Yod)

Outbursts and temper tantrums are possible, but even those can be channeled into productive results under this comparatively benevolent meeting of Mercury and Pluto.  With Uranus at the apex of a yod, surprises are the norm rather than the exception.  We may still be feeling the perfection of Sun Quincunx Uranus from the night before.  Some thing may not work out the way we hope, but we are given a choice.

Here is the chart for perfection of Mercury Sextile Pluto, filtered for the yods:

2015-11-10 Mercury Sextile Pluto (Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

A Hele also continues to be in play.  We need to carefully exam our allegiances and long term relationships.  You may also want to compare this day to your notes regarding the events surrounding Mercury Square Pluto on October 22nd.

Mercury Square Pluto 2015-10-22 (Hele + Thor’s Hammer)

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Mercury Square Pluto 2015-10-22 (Hele + Thor’s Hammer)

After the Moon becomes void of course on Thursday, October 22nd, Mercury Square Pluto perfects.  A Hele pattern is present, and if you are willing to use the Nodes then a Thor’s Hammer is also present.  Since this happens in a Moon v/c, avoid launching major new projects and stick to routine tasks.  Harsh words could occur during this time, and those are particularly to be avoided.

Here is the chart, filtered for the Hele:

2015-10-22 Mercury Square Pluto (Hele)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the same chart, filtered for the Thor’s Hammer pattern:

2015-10-22 Mercury Square Pluto (Thors Hammer)

[Click on Image to Enlarge]

This period CAN be good for “lancing the boil,” but be clear about your objectives and realize that you may be ending a relationship if you involve other people.  A better move is to use this day to eliminate bad old habits (e.g. quitting smoking or something…

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Venus in Libra; Nov. 8th – Dec. 4th, 2015 ♀💚♎

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