2015-11-08 Focused Yod: A Chance to Get Things Done

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2015-11-08 Focused Yod: A Chance to Get Things Done

Sunday, November 8th is dominated by a Focused Yod that tells us that this is a day when we can “get things done.”  A higher order Mars / Uranus Quadrinovile tells us that if we can change our perspective on something that is an annoyance or a problem that we can develop an important new skill, possibly several (related) important new skills.  Venus biseptile Pluto highlights a set of karmic issues involving other people (possibly “other people’s money” issues like taxes or inheritances) and tells us that we must attend to the necessary duties and obligations that face us.

Moon is at the apex of the Focused Yod and in opposition to Uranus.  This highlights the issue of surprises and resulting insights.  And yods always involves decisions, so you will choose one path and forego the other.  You cannot have both.

Here is the chart, focused for the beginning of the Focused Yod period:

2015-11-08 SUN Focused Yod

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Check your priorities and focus on the critically important ones.  You will have stops and starts this week, but if you persist you can “get things done” and accomplish meaningful and lasting results in important areas.


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