Panchang for 09 Novamber 2015

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Monday, 09 November 2015
  • Shaka Samvat :1937 Manmatha
  • Vikram Samvat :2072 Kilaka
  • Sunrise- 06:42
  • Sunset – 17:26
  • Moon rise -29:11+
  • Moon set -161:5
  • Sun in libra
  • Moon in Kanya upto 21:38
  • Month – Kartik
  • Paksha – Krishna Paksha
  • Tithi-Trayodashi upto 19:06
  • Nakshatra -Hasta upto 08:10
  • Yoga :Priti upto 28:44+
  •  Karana :Vanija upto 19:06
  • Rahu Kalam-08:30 to 10:00
  • Disha Shool -East Direction
  • Abhijit Muhurat -11:43 – 12:26
  • Gulik Kaal- 13:25 – 14:45

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Astrology for November 8-14, 2015

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This week brings us some strong energy and the focus is around the Scorpio New Moon. Mars also makes a difficult sign change. So brace yourself for what could some rocky rough seas over the next few weeks. Rest assured that things are not all bad. Once you understand these energies, you will know more about how to navigate any of your rough days ahead.

We are now about midway of the Sun’s annual tour of Scorpio. This sign’s mantra is “ I want.” Scorpio also likes to go deep. I’ve always thought I was gifted with a Scorpion ascendant so I could deal with my Scorpio father. I am not sure this common energy was much help to either of us. Looking back, he seemed to be somewhat unsure of how to deal with me and somewhat afraid of me. Could this be because he saw so much of…

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Venus in Libra

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Rubys Readings


Venus in Libra”

Today, Venus the planet of love and money moves into lovely, charming, balance-seeking Libra until Dec. 4th. This is great news for all of us, no matter what your sign. Venus is the planet of Love and Libra is the sign of partnerships…together this energy helps us work on existing partnerships, and create new ones.

Those that were born between September 22nd and October 22nd, could be feeling especially light-hearted over the next few weeks. This energy can help bring harmony and peace into our relationships and partnerships. This placement helps us show more kindness towards others, we are willing to work at making our relationships better! We are able to compromise and seem more agreeable.

Now that Venus is in Libra, she’s going to meet up with the father of the zodiac Saturn, and he’s teaches us in relationships we must have stability…

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2015-11-08 Focused Yod: A Chance to Get Things Done

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2015-11-08 Focused Yod: A Chance to Get Things Done

Sunday, November 8th is dominated by a Focused Yod that tells us that this is a day when we can “get things done.”  A higher order Mars / Uranus Quadrinovile tells us that if we can change our perspective on something that is an annoyance or a problem that we can develop an important new skill, possibly several (related) important new skills.  Venus biseptile Pluto highlights a set of karmic issues involving other people (possibly “other people’s money” issues like taxes or inheritances) and tells us that we must attend to the necessary duties and obligations that face us.

Moon is at the apex of the Focused Yod and in opposition to Uranus.  This highlights the issue of surprises and resulting insights.  And yods always involves decisions, so you will choose one path and forego the other.  You cannot have both.

Here is the chart, focused for the beginning of the Focused Yod period:

2015-11-08 SUN Focused Yod

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Check your priorities and focus on the critically important ones.  You will have stops and starts this week, but if you persist you can “get things done” and accomplish meaningful and lasting results in important areas.

Venus ingress Libra 2015

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Source: Venus ingress Libra 2015

Venus enters Libra on November 8, 2015 at 10:31 AM EST.  Since Saturn is in Sagittarius, I will now forewarn you that it is appropriate to take a dance break here, and by the magic of the internet, I will wait for you to finish before I continue.

Ok. Venus’ entrance into Libra is excellent news for Venus, which means that it is great news for all of us.

Daily Aspects – Nov 9 – Clarifying Soulful Awareness

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5D Astrology

The weekend was quite soulful already, but put the Sun in aspect to our collective Soul-Level wounding (Chiron) and Soulful Awareness (Uranus), as it will be on Monday, and we have a very significant few days for seeing exactly how the 5D awareness is working.

At 3:06pm on Monday afternoon, the Sun at 17:06 Scorpio Trines Chiron Retrograde at 17:06 Pisces.

The Trine is a transitional 3D to 5D aspect so you can move the energy into some mild magic to assist you in healing. The Sun in Scorpio is bringing us clarity around our intimate relating-ships. Scorpio rules sex, transformation, use of other peoples’ money, investment, debts, loans, ethics and motives. On the 5D side, Scorpio is integrity, transparency and honesty as our Soul’s have nothing to hide; we are having an experience. On the 3D side, Scorpio energy can be manipulative, seductive, controlling, and lack all integrity. All…

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2015-11-08 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2015-11-08 Calendar of Aspects

2015-11-08 Calendar

Astrologically, today is a quiet day with no major aspects perfecting, only lunar aspects.  Yesterday and today mark the window where the Sun is at 15 Scorpio (15 Degrees Scorpio), the cross quarter days that were the original basis of Samhain and Halloween.  Today is a good day to take time off and reflect and plan if you can.

Here are the aspects for November 7th and November 8th:

P1 (H)AspP2 (H)DateTimeZonePos1Pos2
Ven (8)CnjNod (8)Nov 7 201512:13 AMCST28°Vi30′ D28°Vi30′ R
Ven (8)OppSNo (2)Nov 7 201512:13 AMCST28°Vi30′ D28°Pi30′ R
Mon (8)CnjMar (8)Nov 7 20152:23 AMCST26°Vi38′ D26°Vi38′ D
Mon (8)CnjNod (8)Nov 7 20156:09 AMCST28°Vi29′ D28°Vi29′ R
Mon (8)OppSNo (2)Nov 7 20156:09…

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Virgo Love-in, New 11:11 GPS.

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

VENUS conjuncts the NORTH NODE 8/8 15 at zero degrees LIBRA, her home sign..

Venus will be in her home sign of LIBRA until December 4.

This is the Last Hurrah for LIBRA North Node for the next 3 days. Venus sends it off with a big kiss.

This is one of the four major CARDINAL POINTS in the Zodiac.  The North Node has been hovering over this point for awhile, since mid-september. For the last 18 months we have had the North Node in Libra and working on diplomacy, finding balance. peace-keeping, relationship issues have been the main sign post. There have been many break-ups over this time period as well as Libra is a feminine ruled sign and women are re-evaluating their relatonships. 

We are entering a whole New Virgo phase on November 11th, 11:11, Remembrance Day and on a New Moon. I find it significant that our…

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A View To A Kill: Bond finally meets his match

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Source: A View To A Kill: Bond finally meets his match

New Moon in Scorpio and Planetary Activity for Week of November 9

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Amelia Shea

“Hope is the thing with feathers.” Emily Dickinson

The Sun aspects beneficent Jupiter harmoniously this week bringing increased optimism and good will. There can be a stronger sense of personal mission and a growth in self confidence. With Chiron’s influence it is a good to time expand beyond the normal view of life experiences and evolve along the lines of personal growth and awareness.

Jupiter and Uranus continue their exact quincunx indicating there can be sudden surprises, unexpected events and the disruption of plans. Do create extra down time and expect that events that occur now are likely to be understood and fully integrated over time rather than in the present.

The New Moon occurs Wednesday November 11 at 19 Scorpio. This deepens perceptions and provides a good opportunity to assess what you feel passionate about and identify the elements that stand in the way. Use the potential for increased…

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Today’s transits – November 8, 2015 – Sunday

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minute astrologer

Venus enters Libra.
Time for grace, charm, beauty.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                   Libra @ 13 deg.
Sun                       Scorpio @ 16 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Scorpio @ 10 deg.
Venus                 Libra @ 00 deg.
Mars                    Virgo @ 27 deg.

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 18 deg.
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 04 deg.
Uranus                Aries @ 17 deg.  (Retrograde until December 25, 2015)
Neptune             Pisces @ 07 deg. (Retrograde until November 18, 2015)

(Ice World)
Pluto  …

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