Some More Trees of Life

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Arguably, it is an alphabet.
See, also:
Calling it the “Tree of Life” may have special meaning if you consider the alphabet to correspond to amino acids (but, which ones?);



This is the Tree, showing the BOTA Tarot Keys on the 22 Paths.   Each of the 10 Sefiroth and the 22 Paths is a living Intelligence, a manifestation of the One, in the many coloured dream-coat of Life.


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And here is the Tree’s upper Face, like a map, with my own Tarot Arcana (1991) on the paths



Trees of Life as cosmic model, showing the anatomy of a musical idea, and the sensory download of our physical world



“A Tree of Life”:  the children of all the world;  each of us in our first-personhood the Seer, Malkuth;  the infinite Earth, or space for the other(s) to happen in.   This is one of my illustrations in Catherine Harding’s book Pierrot – the Explorers of the Real World – inspired by the late Douglas Harding’s life and work – On Having No Head.



The Rose of the…

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Nov 3, 5 Jupiter Opposite Chiron, Inconjunct Uranus

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Cerena Childress, Astrologer!

Healing Jupiter Virgo Chiron Pisces Uranus Aries

First we had Jupiter in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces Sep 16, one time only. Now we have the opposition to Chiron coupled with the inconjunct to Uranus! The opposition with Chiron is the first of three, the second one Feb 23, 2016, the day after the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon. The inconjunct with Uranus is three times too, the second is Mar 6, 2016, two days before the total Solar Eclipse Mar 8 at 18 Pisces! Their third aspects are Aug 12 and 13, 2016, opening the gateways for the almost 26 degree Leo/Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Aug 18, 2016! 26 is always an important degree since 26 Sagittarius is the degree of the Galactic Center/Core!

Oct 7 Jupiter starts within the activating 5 degree range of Chiron. Oct 18 Jupiter is within 3 degrees activating the inconjunct to Uranus! These two are acting together from then on until the exact aspects Nov 3 and 5! This first set…

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Exploiting Purity

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9th House

1972285_10153074523948475_545243915_n Aquelarre by Santiago Caruso

This is how I imagine the 3 planets (Mars/Venus/Jupiter) in Virgo at the moment all ruled by Mercury in Scorpio.
Corruption of the virgin
The obsession for purity
The sacrifice of the young maiden to the hunt
The fascination that our culture has with youth and the truth (and taboos) behind it.

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Daily Aspects – Nov 4 – Extra Work Adjusts to Personal Freedom

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5D Astrology

NOTE: If you have never had an Astrology Reading with me, I am offering you a chance for a FREE 30 Minute Reading. The first 5 people to email me their date of birth, time of birth, city of birth and an area of inquiry, will receive a FREE Reading. Also send me some times you are available by phone or Skype. Email me at NOW;)

Wednesday is a quiet day with only one aspect in the evening.

At 7:56pm Mercury at 4:32 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 4:32 Sagittarius.

There may be words (Mercury–or just ideas unspoken) from you to towards you that reflect your accountability (Saturn) and philosophy (Jupiter) in regards to the way you are sharing yourself in exchange for using other people’s resources (Scorpio).

Scorpio rules money you use that comes from someone else such as: debt, loans, taxes, inheritance, trust funds, alimony, child support, investment…

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Daily Planetary Energy Report – November 4, 2015

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Planet Girl Consulting, LLC

The Moon moves from Leo to Virgo at 9:22 p.m. generating a sensitive, cautious demeanor.  A critical or a perfectionist attitude may emerge at this time.

But Mercury making an 11th harmonic connection to Uranus allows fresh ideas to sprout from inventive minds.  Give thoughts space to travel into new areas.

Jupiter building toward an awkward encounter with Uranus, though, may generate misplaced exuberance.  Make sure overtures are thought out.

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HeartStar Holistic Health

ocean-984449_1920Besides being the entry point to a totally new planetary dynamic, this is the first time in many months that we’ll have almost all the planets in direct motion. It’s also the month when we will see the first of the Saturn/Neptune square and also neptune direct at 7 degrees Pisces since it went retrograde in June.  What has been withheld will be set free.

Think back to life in June and consider what you’ve lived since then. I remember that many people at that time expressed a sense of confusion.  We were experiencing a momentary shift of the relentless push of Saturn through Scorpio while it made it’s exploratory journey into Sagittarius at that time  (January – June 2015) and perhaps the confusion was around being brought back into the depths of Scorpio.

One moment we saw the light and the next we were plunged back into digging through all our really sensitive and…

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Focus on: Venus contra-parallel Black Moon Lilith

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Today’s transits – November 3, 2015 – Tuesday

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minute astrologer

Mercury has entered Scorpio (tropical zodiac).
Time to examine your thought, your words and your intentions.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA
Moon                   Leo @ 14 deg
Sun                       Scorpio @ 11 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Scorpio @ 02 deg.
Venus                 Virgo @ 24 deg.
Mars                    Virgo @ 24 deg.

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 17 deg.
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 04 deg.
Uranus                Aries @ 17 deg.  (Retrograde until December 25, 2015)
Neptune             Pisces @ 07 deg. (Retrograde…

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Free Readings Event – An Evening with Tarot by Cecelia and Raventalker, plus Special Guests – Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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Tarot by Cecelia

Wednesday, November 11, on the New Moon, Raventalker and Tarot by Cecelia will be hosting separate threads in the Facebook group ‘Surviving Your Spiritual Path with Tarot, Spirit, Astrology and Meditation‘. Also joining in, with their own threads, will be special guests, Mina the Angel Messenger, Nursing the Soul, Gaia Blooming, and The Reiki Forest. Be sure to check out everyone’s pages by clicking on their names.

To be able to participate, you will need to join the group. Feel free to add your friends. Keep your questionsimple.

Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Time: 8:00pm EST – New York

Location: Surviving Your Spiritual Path with Tarot, Spirit, Astrology and Meditation – please join to participate.

Feel free to share and reblog anywhere you think there may be interest.

This will be New York time. To verify the time in your time zone, click

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The Sky Above November 3 2015

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Lunar hair care with Virgo and Scorpio for week of Nov 4 – 10

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Riding Moon Cycles

Two days pop out this week as the best days for lunar hair care.  It’s the week of the Last Quarter waning moon phase. Hair treatments last longer because hair is growing out more slowly.

FRIDAY NOV 6: Virgo is the sign of the week in her full glory with the waning moon. Virgo’s Mutable quality and barren class are both emphasized when the moon is waning. That means a haircut with the goal of growing out slow and keeping the style the longest.

It doesn’t hurt that the moon is conjunct Jupiter first thing in the morning to set the tone for confidence to make a change in a hairstyle.

TUESDAY NOV 10: The Scorpio moon is a good time for coloring hair with a Fixed quality and fertile class. Add the waning moon to keep the color while hair is growing out more slowly.

Hair care…

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Daily Planetary Energy Report – November 3, 2015

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Planet Girl Consulting, LLC

Voicing your own point of view or coming up with a new approach is possible today as Mercury makes an unstable 11th harmonic aspect to Saturn.  Shake up the status quo with honed thinking.

Opinions want to burst forth with Mercury in a semi-square position to Jupiter.  The energy is available to put big ideas across.

The need to feel unrestrained builds throughout the day as the Leo Moon makes an easy connection to Uranus.  A sense of humor infuses the energy field.

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2015-11-03 Jupiter Opposite Chiron (Rosetta + Thor’s Hammer Key)

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2015-11-03 Jupiter Opposite Chiron (Rosetta + Thor’s Hammer Key)

You have been feeling it at least for the last week or two, and you may have been feeling it since before the final Blood Moon Eclipse of the 2014/2015 Tetrad.  It is Jupiter Opposite Chiron, and it is part of the mix associated with Jupiter Opposite Neptune and other aspects we talked about perfecting on September 17th of this year.  It brings to a head key issues involving health and healthcare, or teaching and education, or mentoring and 1:1 collegial relationships; or some kind of mix of two or all three of those.

Today the aspect perfects.  You may have already received the relevant (and critical news) last week or the week before.  You may receive it in a few days.  Often “nothing happens” on the day of the perfection of these critical outer planet turning points.  But Jupiter has a twelve year orbit, and Chiron has a fifty year orbit, so your precise personal variant of how this affects you may not be “day of the perfection.”  The “orbs” (boundary lines for events) of the Moon are hours long and based on a 28 day cycle.  Since the same sized orbs (measured in degrees of a circle) are based on Chiron’s fifty year orbit, expect those “orbs” to last 365 x 2 (730) times as long.  If we allow 2 hours on each side of the Moon’s orbs, then we should allow about 1,460 hours for Chiron, which translates to about sixty days (about two lunar months).  Jupiter’s orbit is only twelve years, so the corresponding orbs should be about twelve days (half a lunar month).

THIS issue of “orbs” is why we keep referencing that pivotal date of September 17th (and also October 11th) as a turning point for the outer planet (“generational planet”) events through the end of the year.  Chances are VERY good that you will NOT feel this perfection “day of” the event (unless it EXACTLY aspects some planet or point in your personal natal chart), but you WILL feel it in the two weeks prior or two weeks after (Jupiter’s orb, using the fastest moving planet and, therefore, the smallest and most precise window).

And, as an aside, if you look back to the days “near” September 17th (allowing some latitude due to Jupiter’s orbs), you will note an important turning point there.  And, by “latitude” we mean this turning point could have been earlier, maybe on the 11th or 12, or later, maybe on the 21st or 22nd.  But, you had a turning point, and you made a decision.

You made some important decision at that turning point.  It may not have seemed important at the time, but, in hindsight, you will eventually see that it was the kind that changes the course of your life.

If you were a student, you may have decided to go play rather than prepare for an exam.  You got in trouble with the exam.  You were going to “pull it together.”  But, now, you see that you cannot.  You will fail out of school and will be working in a drive through asking “would you like fries with that.”  Or, you might become a revolutionary like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Steve Jobs.  Maybe the most important class you are taking will turn out to be calligraphy.  (See, also: this story.)

You do have some choice in the matter.  The planets in the sky are invariant, but your personal, individual decisions are not.

Or maybe you did the work.  And, if you can push through, do what it takes in this final window of November and December, you can have both a successful semester and a breakthrough.  You can show yourself “you can do it.”  It depends on the decisions you made and the necessary followup actions you took.  And, as Steve Jobs said, some day you can look back and “connect the dots” if you follow your heart “even if it takes you off the well worn path.”

Or maybe you are an older adult who did, or did not, see a physician.  Depending on your situation, you can see where things may be going with your health and healthcare.

And if September 17th was not the turning point, then surely the days surrounding the Focused Yod associated with the perfection of Jupiter Trine Pluto on October 11th were.  Focused Yods are all about not only making decisions but taking the necessary action to accomplish the results.

So, what is “it” that you will feel as this aspect perfects?  We re-iterate: some key point involving education, healthcare, or mentoring.  Since Jupiter ALSO rules the legal system, this could involve the law and possible lawsuits.  But, the key issues will be education and healthcare (Chiron).  We see all of this tied into the current political debates.  And, as an aside, Jupiter ALSO rules foreign relations (particularly ambassadors) and, therefore, issues of immigration.  Think about it: these are the key issues of our current political climate.  (Health (“Obamacare”), Education, Foreign Relations (Middle East, China, et al), and Immigration (particularly Mexico and points south).

So, here is the chart, which is filtered for the Rosetta (short term allegiances) which was present and continues to be present for the next few days.  Being a longer term pattern, it is almost certainly the most important pattern in the perfection of this aspect:

2015-11-03 Jupiter Opposite Chiron (Rosetta)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We also see a Thor’s Hammer present.  Actually, we see TWO of them in a configuration that we have previously named a “Thor’s Hammer Key.”  The presence of TWO patterns almost always means, in astrology, two or MORE situations involving that pattern (here the Thor’s Hammer associated with impulsive actions, extreme conflict, and people like Adam Lanza).  As many of you can “guess” from the situation in the Middle East (specifically Syria but other problems also) and Eastern Europe (the ongoing Russia / Ukraine conflict), we live in dangerous time.

Here is the same chart, filtered to show the Thor’s Hammer Key:

2015-11-03 Jupiter Opposite Chiron (Thor's Hammer Key)

[Click to Enlarge]

At this point, some of you may ask: how do I use this “energy.”  The answer is to enjoy your short term allegiances knowing either you may never see them again or they may turn treacherous if you do, and to avoid rash and impulsive actions and people while focusing your attention (and possibly your anger) to “get something (useful, and non-violent) done.”

As an aside, as we have said before, people who have violence and physical altercations woven into their life (soldier, police, boxers, MMA athletes, bar room bouncers) may actually BENEFIT from this kind of pattern.  But, if you are not one of those kind of people, best to avoid them (or people or situations that invoke their presence) if you can.

We do not see particularly significant patterns in 5th harmonic or 7th harmonic aspects in this chart.  So, no brainstorms or karma issues to work through.  This is all about temporary allegiances and doing the work to get the job done (without being angry or impulsive).

Panchang for 03 November 2015

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Tuesday, o3  November 2015
  • Shaka Samvat :1937 Manmatha
  • Vikram Samvat :2072 Kilaka
  • Sunrise- 06:38
  • Sunset – 17:30
  • Moon rise -24:02+
  • Moon set -12;41
  • Sun in libra
  • Moon in Cancer
  • Month – Kartik
  • Paksha – Krishna Paksha
  • Tithi-Ashtami upto 30:38+
  • Nakshatra -Pushya upto 17:53
  • Yoga :Shubha upto 23:52
  •  Karana :Balava upto 17:53
  • Rahu Kalam-   15:00 to 16:30
  • Disha Shool – North Direction
  • Abhijit Muhurat -11:42 – 12:26
  • Gulik Kaal- 12:04 – 13:26

Take jaggery if need to travel

Have a nice day!

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Daily Aspects – Nov 2 – 3-Way of Expanded, Healing Communication

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5D Astrology

On Tuesday, Mercury (communication and ideas), Jupiter (higher consciousness and philosophy) and Chiron (collective wounding) all aspect each other throughout the day. This creates a unique configuration that brings healing (Jupiter) communications (Mercury) from our Soul (Chiron).

At 9:25am Mercury at 2:10 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 17:10 Virgo.

For the next month roughly, Mercury will have us talking about intimacy and sharing of resources (Scorpio). Jupiter has been expanding our work, health and all daily activities since Aug as he stays in Virgo for a year. As they meet in an irritation aspect, we can bet that the ‘work/service’ is likely getting in the way of some intimacy and there is the rub. Jupiter is optimistic and right now happy to serve, but keeping everything on track with someone who bankrolls us in some way, can be an issue. Words you hear from others or words you speak are likely…

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Mercury in Scorpio: Uncovering the Truth

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9th House

Today, Mercury arrives in the sign of Scorpio until November 20th.

When Mercury (curiosity and intelligence) is in the sign of Scorpio it becomes extremely interested in uncovering the truth. When you combine the mind (Mercury) and the desire nature (Scorpio), you get a potent mixture of visceral curiosity.

Some image to get you thinking:

Sex on the mind/Mind sex
Dark and taboo subjects coming to the surface
The need to get to the bottom of a problem
Sustaining focus
Psychology-Seeing other people’s intention

1940s FRONT PAGE DETECTIVE Vintage Crime Magazine

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24+ hour Void Moon to practice being present and go with the flow

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~Energy Report~ Nov. 2, 2015

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