Moon trine Mercury

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Aquarian Times Astrology

What are you feeling now? Is it how you want to feel? Messages and hints are coming your way to guide you to some wonderful experiences.

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Sun trine Neptune

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Aquarian Times Astrology

Do you know it? Do you believe it? Can you understand it it on a deep emotional level ? Soon ,things will occur which will make your beliefs a foundational part of your reality.

Happy Halloween from all at Aquarian Times

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~Energy Report~ Oct. 30, 2015

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World Top Horoscopes

by Madalyn Aslan

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Daily Aspects – Oct 31 – Magical Desires

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5D Astrology

At 11:45pm on All Hallow’s Eve Venus at 22:04 Virgo Quintiles Saturn at 4:06 Sagittarius. This is a magical/5D aspect between our desires (Venus) to serve (Virgo) and our accountability (Saturn) to seeing the big picture (Sagittarius). Or desire to serve those who are different (Sagittarius) than us. Saturn typically restricts things to make sure we get it right through slow, steady progress that doesn’t deviate off the path. When in a hard (3D) aspect to Venus, we will a restriction of love or resources. But the 5D aspect makes this restriction (Saturn) of our service (Virgo) to others work towards a magical benefit that puts different ideas/people into one big global community. With the magic, our diligence (Saturn) pays off (Venus) and we have a blending of polarities (Sagittarius) that resolves Karma (Saturn). People’s guards will be down (or their masks will be off;) and magic can happen to…

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9th House

The Moon is in Gemini again today ruled by Mercury in Libra.

Words hold the tremendous power to create or destroy. You can use words to build bridges between you and others. Or you can use words to break an agreement. Words are one of the most powerful tool we have. By defining something with a word, we give it contours and ultimately, it takes on a life of its own. A tongue has no bones but it is strong enough to break a heart.

From The Four Agreements:

”Be Impeccable with your Word: Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.”


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On Halloween

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Amelia Shea

“The last secular festival remaining in the Western calendar, only Halloween has cleaved to its magical, primordial roots. It is a holiday which fascinates without requiring us to believe anything. Its allure is not intellectual but visceral, dating back to a time when people explored the nonphysical realms – the Other Worlds – as a natural and normal function of human experience ” Jessica Murray

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November II – Let My Money Go

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jbuss Astrology

We can consider Wondering What Mask Will Go Next to be “November I”…

That described our Adventures in Self-Knowing, Self-Empathy, and, if we do it “right,” Curiosity and Wonder; this extends till November 10.  

We have several other interesting processes going on early in the month as well.  Then things get pretty busy Mid-month.  We get to meet a couple more of the new dwarf planets up close and personal, though we’ll have to squint to distinguish their influence from our more familiar planetary friends, as the events pile up on one another.  

Phase I

The Galaxy is still handing down some pretty firm instructions that if we want to jet-propel our happy Survival in the Future, we need to Let Go of what we don’t really need, especially Beliefs that no longer serve us, and Identities based on Privilege, but “stuff” too.  This Energy will be with us for the rest of…

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