Focus on: Vesta Square Pallas

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Two Ghosts Converse by Emily Dickinson

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Daily Planetary Energy Report – October 29, 2015

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Planet Girl Consulting, LLC

The Moon enters Gemini at 2:24 a.m. ET and emotional responses turn lighter.  Mental stimulation brings us closer to one another.

But carve out some time alone this morning while Moon opposes Saturn. Enjoy solitude and get in touch with core feelings. Appreciate moods and inspiration as the Moon squares Neptune this afternoon.

An interest in human dynamics is piqued as Mercury makes a community-focused 9th harmonic aspect to Pluto.  Use this understanding to seek solutions to problems and resolve disputes as Mercury also forms a pleasant 9th harmonic connection to Saturn.
Restless mental energy lends itself to original insights while Mercury forms an unstable 11th harmonic aspect to Mars.

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Daily Aspects – Oct 29 – Magical, Soulful Words

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5D Astrology

At 2:39am on Thursday morning, Mercury at 23:21 Libra Biquintiles Chiron Retrograde at 17:21 Pisces. For communications, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Mercury in Libra is still talking his way through his ideas around relating-ships as he leaves behind relationships in exchange for the brave, new world of the Age of Aquarius. He knows, after 3 encounters with the North Node in Libra during his Retrograde cycle, that the secret to amazing relating lies in his own ability to find inner balance and serenity.

In this double-magic aspect, Mercury (our conscious mind) is meeting up with our collective subconscious wounding aspects. He is leaving behind some old 3D pain as he has some Soulful insight injected into the subconscious mind allowing him to make a quantum leap forward into a new way of relating.

In 5D, Mercury’s Karmic/Duality mind is released and he simply plays the role of…

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Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning November 2, 2015

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free horoscopes

Stargazer Horoscopes – November 2 – 8, 2015

from – Kamloops Echo –

by Sonny !

Dear Aries

Time to team up and make some money. You’re not in line for anything big just yet but you’re being seen as the go to guy with regards to financial projects. Safely take the plunge knowing the project has a good chance to succeed. Be aggressive but watch for accidents.

Dear Taurus

You’ve stepped into the love spotlight and people are noticing. You’re feeling playful and creative but children continue to both frustrate and reward. You’ll find yourself standing behind your partner and going more than half way for love. On the plus side, this love is a keeper.

Dear Gemini

Many of you will be moving or sprucing up the house. Family will also take on greater importance but it’s not going to be easy. Expect endless stress to be replaced…

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Panchang for 28 October 2015

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015
  • Shaka Samvat :1937 Manmatha
  • Vikram Samvat :2072 Kilaka
  • Sunrise- 06:33
  • Sunset – 17:35
  • Moon rise -18:36
  • Moon set -07:07
  • Sun in libra
  • Moon in Mesha up to 26:14+
  • Month – Kartik
  • Paksha – Krishna Paksha
  • Tithi-Pratipada upto 14:08
  • Nakshatra -Bharani upto 20:50
  • Yoga :Siddhi upto 14:35
  •  Karana :Kaulava upto 14:08
  • Rahu Kalam- 12:00 to 13:30
  • Disha Shool – North Direction
  • Abhijit Muhurat -None
  • Gulik Kaal-10:41 – 12:04

Take corieander if need to travel

Have a nice day!

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Pyramid of Love, Daily Tarot Card

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Good point about the Grand Earth Trine

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Under a bovine sensuous Taurus Moon a Grand Earth Trine looks like a Pyramid of Love.

Moon trines Jupiter, then trines Venus and Mars it already happened.

That’s a GRAND EARTH TRINE at 15+ degrees. 

This is more money, luck, love energy. Very good for all earth signs and water sign which are Feminine.. Fire and Air signs which are  masculine are out of their elements.

Enjoy the sensuosity, slather yourself in raw organic chocolate, its OK to be lazy, smell the roses, get a massage. make love, sing, Taurus rules the throat and heart chakra. 


Harmonius Tarot, Tara Greene

King of Disks Harmonius Tarot by Los Scarabeo

Always  trust those Tarot cards! LOL my  motto. The synchronicity card of the day has the no bull of Taurus on this lovely card. You can see Venus’ 5 pointed star pentagram symbol on the golden disks. Walk in the Garden of…

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Kelly’s Easy Astrology ~ 10/28/15

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Comfort – A Full Moon

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emerging pattern

A Full Moon at 3° Scorpio / Taurus – so soft, so deep, so comforting, with a trine from Neptune in Pisces, trine my natal Saturn at 2° Cancer, calming it, reflecting my natal Taurus Moon.

The sky was clear last night, and the Moon so white and bright.

My foot still gets physiotherapy, and it is almost healed, so I got yesterday a back massage to give some healing impulses to hip and shoulder which are a bit affected, too – aaaah, all my blocked energy got into flow again!

I found a pair of beautiful earrings in silver, looking like a botanical structure containing seeds: I remember I saw it as a plant in real, and the goldsmith technique is an antique one, I remember to have seen a similar earring in gold, maybe greek, thousands of year old. Sadly I can´t find the image nor remember the…

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Mercury opposition Uranus Cardinal T-square Pluto

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White Light Holistic Network

As Mercury and Uranus lie at opposite sides of the solar system this fortnight around the second half of October, their opposition allows then to be leading roles in the drama played out by us actors who strut and fret our fated destinies on the stage of life.

AstrologyAny worthy actor can take up the leading parts of the archetypal Mercury and Uranus roles. Or it can play itself out in our own psyches. Whichever way they appear, they bring with them a rather stubborn mindset. Also a brilliant one, mind you. A mind inspired by the bolt from the blue. I brings with it the opportunity to find alternative solutions to the mental blocks of the day. Sometimes the stubborn clinging to a mindset or opinion or perception or assemblage point, leaves us unable to see the solution that lies before us. When the cup is full there remains…

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