Full Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio

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Collective Astrology

labyrinth moonTaurus is about grounding and giving shape to energy. It is linked to the recognition and proper use of desires. Desires can inspire us to move forward yet they can also enslave.
The sign of Scorpio is about transformation and finding peace amongst the continual changes we go through. It invites us to seek beyond the surface and look deeper at what IS.

These two zodiac signs have amazing endurance and perseverance and this Full Moon requires that. It is inviting us to go to the root of our desires and witness what it is really about.

Venus, Mars and Jupiter are in the sign of Virgo, the sign of the meticulous worker. It is an invite here to continue to practice the activities that help us thrive. It reminds us to be patient and to ground our daily actions in what we truly value.
The presence…

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