Full moon in Taurus, October 2015

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Holistic Transformation

So here we are at another gateway to understanding and manifesting our future- the full moon. This time, it is in the sign of Taurus- The Bull. Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac and has many great qualities to bring out in the full moon- and some that are less than to be desired.

Full moon in Taurus Mantra. “And I attend to my emotional needs, Rather than just doing good deeds, I focus on what is better for myself Helping others more when in good health”

It is a great time for coming back down to earth- we’ve had Pisces and Aries that have been looking at the gateways and soul paths/taking it all head on and now this full moon takes us back down to our feet on the ground. The Bull, with its low centre of gravity, doesn’t like to get too high up in the air, you know! Taurus full moons can bring you back to the sensual, feely good earthiness of nature, good food and good surroundings. At this time, Mercury has now moved out of…

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