Forecast for 2015 Taurus Full Moon

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October 27, 2015
5:05 AM  PDT / 8:05 AM EDT / 12:05 PM GMT
3 Taurus 44 / 3 Scorpio 44

Possession is a theme of October’s Taurus Full Moon. The Moon is lighting up what we possess — money, talents resources — here and now in this earthly existence, and especially how we feel about all of it. The theme has another side, though:  How and by what are we ourselves possessed?

Indicators of both ends of this spectrum have been flying the past week or two. They have teemed with significant milestones involving matters close to our hearts and bank accounts. Some situations have taken on firmer contours or solidified; others have felt the swift and irreversible whack of a machete. These milestones are key as the landscapes of our lives morph into foundations and structures that replace the chaos of the past three years.

The Taurus Full…

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