Scorpio Selfie, Horoscope of the soul

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Most people shudder and step back from those blazingly intense X-Ray vision eyes if someone says that is the sign they were born under.  The charizmatically dark, obsessive, secretive, dressed all in black, wearing sunglasses at night,  8th house types most likely won’t even tell you that is their sign anyways.  

Oct. 23 Welcome to Scorpio time.  Intensely soulful and obsessively, relentlessly, transformative. 

Halloween Sabats, witches casting spells that is all Scorpio energy. Graveyards, bewitching, mesmerizing. Writing this blog is my obsession, I cant quit..No matter how tired I am I must write daily. 

What’s your obsession?

Scorpio Horoscope Tara Greene

Have a seat, it’s Scorpio Time.

-sexy, Goth, fascinated with death, secretive, power-hungry, spys, shared resources, taxes, wills, ZOMBIES, shit, garbage, pornography, transformation, death-eaters, cannibals, necrophiliac’s, undertakers, horror movies,vampires, blood, semen, orgasms, metaphysics, serial killers, torture, water-boarding, the sacred “other.” and that infamous Scorpion sting. 

Scorpio’s boiling hot revengeful emotions,may leave you…

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  1. Yes, I Love Scorpio season!!!

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    • Are you a member of that club?


      • I consider myself to be…
        I’m actually a Cancer sun but my moon is in Scorpio and I’ve always resonated more with it…
        I also have Pluto in the first house with Virgo and Pluto trining my venus so maybe because of those aapects? I don’t know, but i feel very scorpio and at home in this time of year.

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      • I understand. Solar Leo but all kinds of Aquarian astrological qualities as well as real life Aquarian qualities. (Computers, Astrology, giving things awake, concerns with social issues, etc. All very Aquarian despite being a Solar Leo.) As an aside, I have some Scorpionic qualities also. (But the Aquarian ones clearly dominate.) I have also known a number of Scorpions. They tend to usually like me despite my Aquarian tendencies.


  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a really close relationship/friendship or had a co worker that was an Aquarius except for my x husband who didn’t seem very real life Aquarian. He was likable and we both had a love of authenticity. I actually really like most Leo’s too. ..I have my Mars in Leo. I can feel by your posts that you run a lot of Aquarian energy. Love it!

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    • Thank you!

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