Star Stuff: Sun in Scorpio

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Today, the Sun changes signs from harmony-seeking Libra to passionate, all-or-nothing Scorpio. The guiding principle of Scorpio is “I desire”.  With the Sun in Scorpio our consciousness is drawn towards depth, intimacy, and extremes of feeling.

Superficiality simply will not do for the next 30 days. We have the desire to get to the bottom of matters. We are more interested in that which is hidden, taboo, secret or suppressed. Scorpio’s energy is passionate, strong-willed, and intense. Used in its highest vibration, it can be an immensely healing and transformative energy.

With the Sun in Scorpio, depth of perception becomes the norm.  Everyone becomes much more aware of the mystery of life.  We are sensitive to the dark spaces within our own souls, and more tuned in as well to depth connection with others around us.  With the night of the dead/Samhain, we celebrate these feelings, our perception…

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SCO Entry with VIR – PI Bridge of Oct / Nov 2015 : Healing Works of Love ~ Unifying Medicine ~ Fulfilling Service

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Melanie's Astro~News

As you see in the ‘SCO Mutability 2015’ chart below – set up for the entry of the SUN into SCO on Oct 23, 2015 at 10:50 am PDT, we also experience presently a strong VIR – PI ‘Opposition’ which will get even more pronounced towards end of Oct.

SCO Mutability 2015

Here are the specific details of the timing and alignments, for your VIR interest:

VENUS (Oct 8 – Nov 8), MARS (Sept 24 – Nov 12), and JUPITER (Aug 11, 2015 – Sept 10, 2016) are all in VIR

NEPTUNE (2012 – 2026) and CHIRON (2010 – 2018) are in PI for a longer period, and affect the Collective.

The LUNAR NODES entered PI (South Node) and VIR (North Node) on Oct 10.

They will link up with JUPITER in VIR in Jan / Feb 2016, with CHIRON in PI on March 19, 2016, and with NEPTUNE in PI on Nov…

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Sun Enter Scorpio

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Sun in Scorpio; Oct. 23rd – Nov. 22nd, 2015♏

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The Sun enters passionate Scorpio today, where it will transit until November 22nd. The mood of Scorpio is sultry, secretive, darkly sexy and very intense. As the ruler of the 8th house (known as the House of Death),Scorpios are often seduced by what is taboo, off-limits, esoteric…any occult or spiritual experience that offers some kind of deep insight.  

This celestial influence gives us Scorpio’s all-knowing eyes to see what’s really going on inside our subconscious realms. Now’s the time to explore our own light and shadows, psychic debris, secrets, and hidden motives, to discover their deeper meaning. In dreams and waking life, we go through the doors marked enter at your own risk!

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Daily Aspects – Oct 23 & 24 – Soulful, Expansive Clarity and Word

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5D Astrology

Around 2pm on Friday, the Sun ingresses Scorpio and we begin to feel clarity in around intimacy and shared resources things. Whoever you share finances with, any sexual partners and other intimate situations will be on your mind as this month brings clarity to those areas of your life.

At 9:40pm on Friday night, the Sun at 0:02 Scorpio Semi-Squares Jupiter at 15:20 Virgo. A Semi-Square is 1/8 of the Zodiac Wheel and can be an acute sense of an irritation that you want to get through. The Sun newly in Scorpio will be bringing up some new issue to look at. Jupiter is still expanding your work and helping you develop a new philosophy around your work and service to others. The irritation is going to be about how to manage both your intimate commitments AND your new work routine. See what you can and apply it to your…

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Forecast for October 25 – Nov. 1, 2015

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Save your broom for flying. Nothing important can be swept under the carpet this week. May as well face it. Halloween brings peace (what the — ?!?) as well as otherworldly company. “Rocky: Are they friendly spirits? Bullwinkle: I’ll say!”

Learn more in the Astro-Insight podcast for October 26 – Nov. 1, 2015 (7:52 minutes).

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Energy Report, Oct. 23, 2015

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Alchemy Astrology highlights: 23-24 October, 2015, Friday-Saturday, Active

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Alchemy Astrology

Moon in Aquarius, changes concentrative – emotionally detached

A time of insecurity where you may have to work harder to prove yourself and yet it doesn’t seem to be much of a struggle to do so. Go figure.

Lab process of Multiplication:
A process of Distillation in which the power of transmutation is concentrated; an increase in the amount of the Stone as obtained from its pristine form.

Learn Alchemy Astrology:

More info at
Facebook group Alchemy Astrology:

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Mars Quincunx Uranus 2015-10-23 (Focused Yod)

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Mars Quincunx Uranus 2015-10-23 (Focused Yod)

This is the last of a series of aspects that perfect on Friday, October 23rd in the United States.  (In EU/UK this perfects early on Saturday before but near sunrise when many people are still asleep.)

The Hele and Thor’s Hammer are still in effect with the perfection of this outer planet aspect (meaning we have been feeling its effect all week and maybe for the last two or three weeks), but at perfection a Focused Yod also comes into play with the Moon in Pisces at the Apex opposing Venus in Virgo.  That means that “things come to a head” by the end of Friday (in the U.S., early AM in UK/EU), and a decision must be made and acted upon.

The “decision” in this Focused Yod is between Astraea (law, legal, legal system) and Juno (trust and betrayal).  For some people, the question…

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Chiron meets Pluto – The shadows are revealed.

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wounded healer wounded healer

As Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces meets Pluto (lord of the underworld) in Capricorn, the going of late might seem a bit heavy and tough. Panic not for another layer is ready to be released do you can come back to you!

Chrion’s wounds might be showing up in a myriad of ways, anger, sadness, trust issues and your own self worth issues, you might be at a place that seems familiar and a place that you thought you’d left behind. Or, like me, struggling with the concept that what you feel to be true is true and that the reality that is out there might not be yours. Whatever is arising it is a time to go back to nature and nurture, when we give ourselves that break, the time to actually be and allow, we get that flow back. Our heads our the biggest obstacle…

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Current Forecast – Oct 23 – Nov 22, 2015

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Scorpio Selfie, Horoscope of the soul

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic


Most people shudder and step back from those blazingly intense X-Ray vision eyes if someone says that is the sign they were born under.  The charizmatically dark, obsessive, secretive, dressed all in black, wearing sunglasses at night,  8th house types most likely won’t even tell you that is their sign anyways.  

Oct. 23 Welcome to Scorpio time.  Intensely soulful and obsessively, relentlessly, transformative. 

Halloween Sabats, witches casting spells that is all Scorpio energy. Graveyards, bewitching, mesmerizing. Writing this blog is my obsession, I cant quit..No matter how tired I am I must write daily. 

What’s your obsession?

Scorpio Horoscope Tara Greene

Have a seat, it’s Scorpio Time.

-sexy, Goth, fascinated with death, secretive, power-hungry, spys, shared resources, taxes, wills, ZOMBIES, shit, garbage, pornography, transformation, death-eaters, cannibals, necrophiliac’s, undertakers, horror movies,vampires, blood, semen, orgasms, metaphysics, serial killers, torture, water-boarding, the sacred “other.” and that infamous Scorpion sting. 

Scorpio’s boiling hot revengeful emotions,may leave you…

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Sun in Scorpio ★ Moon in Pisces

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9th House

The Sun will be leaving the sign of Libra and entering the baptismal waters of Scorpio this afternoon. Meanwhile, the Moon is in early Pisces doubling the water signature.

In astrology, the water element symbolises deep emotions and the realm of intuition. The water signs are known for their sensitive disposition. Being in tune with the deeper dimensions of life also means picking up the subtleties and nuances that many others don’t notice. And with that knowledge, comes vulnerability. There is a secretive quality to the water signs and most have deep emotional undercurrents that are not visible. The need to protect themselves is very strong. The feeling responses can go from compulsive passions to overwhelming sadness.

Pay attention to your dreams.  The power of the unconscious mind is like water.

raie_moorea What is lurking beneath the surface?

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