Sun Quincunx Vesta 2015-10-23 (Hele) after entry to Scorpio

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Sun Quincunx Vesta 2015-10-23 (Hele) after entry to Scorpio

Shortly after entry into Scorpio on October 23rd, Sun forms a quincunx (150 degree aspect) with Vesta.  A Hele pattern is also present.  Here is the chart for the perfection of the aspect, filtered for the Hele pattern:

2015-10-23 Sun Quincunx Vesta

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Factions and cliques polarize at this time and may make efforts that are both extreme and underhanded but ineffective.  This results in bad feelings and anger but does not improve the position of any particular group significantly (or, if it initially appears significant, then it does not last).

Expect to see poor decision making at this time that may be driven by emotions (particularly anger) related to traditions.


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