Mars Opposite Chiron 2015-10-23

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Mars Opposite Chiron 2015-10-23

As this aspect perfects, we see much “energy” (likely anger) regarding issues that involve healthcare or education or both.  This is a repeating theme over this week and into next week, with some of the issues causing a frantic panic for some people.  Friday (today) and Sunday (October 25th) are particularly busy days.  We note that both a Hele and a Thor’s Hammer are in effect for these aspects, and do not repeat the filtering here.

Here is the chart for perfection of the aspect, filtered for oppositions:

2015-10-23 Mars Opposite Chiron (Oppositions)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

With a large cluster of planets in Virgo, and another group of planets in Pisces and Aries, we see a period of numerous oppositions and some quincunxes.  We also note that this particular opposition involves, specifically, “outer planets” (generational planets) and marks another turning point in the stage that we all play upon.


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