Daily Aspects – Oct 21 & 22 – Desire Begins Change

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5D Astrology

It has been a quiet few days with no aspects being made between the Transiting Planets. We may all have Personal aspects being made to our Natal Charts.

However, from now until the New Moon on Oct 27th, we will have plenty of energy hitting us all. These are the changes and actions we have been waiting for and even promised at the Eclipses of Sep 13 and 27.

At 10:30pm on Wednesday Mercury at 12:00 Libra Quincunx Neptune at 7:17 Pisces. This is an adjustment aspect from our subconscious mind (Neptune) to our conscious mind (Mercury). Mercury is still in his Retrograde Shadow and has made this same aspect to Neptune 2 times before: Sep 3 and Sep 29. The adjustment that is spoken on Wednesday night is as solid as things can be in this mythical reality called ‘life.’ As Mercury is in Libra, what gets said (written…

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