Venus Opposite Neptune 2015-10-16

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Venus Opposite Neptune 2015-10-16

Venus opposes Neptune late on Friday evening (early Saturday for UK/EU).  That makes this a “feel good” day that is better than Thursday but not very good for signing contracts or making any long term arrangement that you expect to last.

Here is the chart:

2015-10-16 Venus Opp Neptune

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We expect to see more than a few “short term romances” (aka “one night stands”) during this period (Thursday / Friday / Saturday).  This is a GREAT weekend for romance, but (unless you are already in a committed relationship) do not expect it to last.

This is another great day, really a great several days, for “creatives.”  If you do have that “one night stand” then find a way to take copious notes and photographs.  You might turn it into a novel or a film.  (But do not slander or libel anyone at this time.  Quite risky to do that.)

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