Daily Aspects – Oct 14 – Motivated Awareness

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5D Astrology

Building all day on Tuesday and Wednesday and exacting at 8:31pm on Wednesday night is Mars at 12:23 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Retrograde at 18:23 Aries. This is a double-magic aspect between the self and groups.

Mars is self motivation, drive, independence, initiating action, aggression, acting without thought. Uranus is revelation, unexpected, bizarre and shocking ideas, flashes of insight and awareness, electrical current, currency, social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc), groups of people.

Mars rules Aries and the natural 1st House of self where all things begin. Uranus rules the 11th House of groups where we finalize our lessons and skills before we end them in Neptune/Pisces/12th House.

When these 2 Planets meet in 3D type aspects, we have ‘accidents’ and shocking aggression. In 3D, Uranus’ awareness is too rebellious and bizarre and doesn’t conform with public expectations. And Mars in hard 3D aspects is a hot-head who ‘fights’ his way through…

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