New Moon in Libra 2015

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The New Moon on October 12th is 19 degrees of Libra in an opposition with Uranus in Aries, prompting our liberation from many past ties, encumbrances and influences. Although the New Moon generally indicates a time of emotional renewal and new beginnings the urge is strong now to release ourselves from both physical chains and mental fetters of the past – to decondition ourselves from parental or societal imprints, to unlearn and even uncreate what has limited the expression of our uniqueness, our realness, and our truth.

Libra, as the sign of relationships highlights the closest and most meaningful connections we have whether to lovers, coworkers, family members, friends or foes. For those who have recently experienced tremendous loss or their relationships turning inside out in some way, this New Moon offers hope for a brighter future.article-2138126-12DECFD5000005DC-985_634x947

Squaring Pluto and inconjunct Chiron, the feelings leading up to and immediately after…

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