Forecast for 2015 Libra New Moon

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October 12-13, 2015
5:05 PM PDT / 8:05 PM EDT / 12:05 AM GMT
19 Libra 20

This year’s Libra New Moon hurries us further down the continuum of change. September’s Aries lunar eclipse closed a chapter in how we get along with each other. This New Moon starts the next chapter.

The emerging chapter has very different story lines and language from the previous. They reflect decisions, realizations and shifts each of us has been moving toward since at least the spring. Think of the lines you have drawn, the self-awareness you have developed, the switches that have flipped in various key connections. They are the baseline from which you are starting now.

Enforcing that baseline is the only option, thanks to the influences accompanying the New Moon. This Moon is charged with energies far more direct, abrupt and overtly self-oriented than the grace and refinement of Libra. Propulsive…

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