Daily Aspects – Oct 11 – Awareness and Ease

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5D Astrology

Its a pretty major day on Sunday with Soulful clarity and ease with any authorities in your life. You may be feeling each of these aspects on Saturday as they are applying. And it will take a bit of work to sort out the various energies.

About 4:30am on Sunday morning, the Moon ingresses Libra and the energy of the New Moon (at 8:08pm on Monday) night begins to build. A New Moon in Libra is about a ‘fresh start’ around our relating-ships, business and personal, close friends and all forms of reciprocity. As the Moon enters Libra, we begin what is called the ‘Dark of the Moon’ when we can begin to align with the combined Sun and Moon energies and intuit (Moon) what the next 2 weeks has in store for us (Sun).

This New Moon will mark the end of the Eclipse Cycle Wormhole that brings us…

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