New Moon in Libra; Mercury and Saturn connect

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New Moon in Libra October 12/13

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Mystic Rectangles

We have a New Moon in Libra that will lead us to re-evaluate all of our relationships.  Both Sun and Moon are in the “Via Combusta” (“fiery way”), and we can expect certain issues will HAVE to be addressed at this time.  Bite the bullet, swallow the medicine, and get it out of the way.  You have important business to attend to on Tuesday, and “things” become messy again on Thursday.  After the NM (about 4:30 PM CDT, 5:30 EDT, 2:30 PDT), Moon turns “void of course” (aka Moon v/c) until the next day, and this is a good time to reflect on recent events.  Spend the time alone, if you can, and note that you can use this period to break some old habit that no longer serves you.  Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) signs tend to be favored at…

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Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune 2015-10-15

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Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune 2015-10-15

This is the kind of day where you feel you “must do something about it,” but you are not certain what “it” is or what “must be done.”  Maybe very good for work on writing a song or poetry or working on a painting or video, but disconcerting for many of us, particularly in the area of relationships.

Even worse, the Moon is v/c in Scorpio all day.  That means you feel the pain and need to change (Scorpio), but your attempts to solve the problem either fail (“nothing will come of us”) or are oddly perverse in their results.  This is a tough day, unless you use it for housecleaning and introspection.

Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune 2015-10-15 (5th Harmonic)

[Click to Enlarge]

We do note TWO triangular 5th Harmonic patterns, making this an excellent time for “creatives” to work (even if you do not “finish” it).  Bright ideas and brilliant insights can come at this time, so write down whatever comes to you even if it seems a little crazy at the time.

Some 7th Harmonic aspects are in play that tell us that some of us will be dealing with “karma” on this day, and you may feel a need to “set things right” or “make amends.”  Just make certain to obtain feedback from a trusted advisor to be clear that you do not make things worse.  (If in doubt, leave it alone.)

Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune 2015-10-15 (7th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Recent Aspects

Also on this day:  Mars Trine Pluto

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Mercury Sextile Saturn 2015-10-13

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Mercury Sextile Saturn 2015-10-13

(As an aside, Happy Birthday to Chris Carter, creator of the X-Files.)

The Mercury / Saturn sextile gives us an excellent day to “get things done” if you can focus your energies, avoid losing your temper, and avoid dangerous people, places and things.

Here is the chart, filtered for the Thor’s Hammer aspect:

Mercury Sextile Saturn 2015-10-13 (TH)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that this aspect perfects near 4:30 AM CDT (5:30 EDT / 2:30 PDT) and during Moon v/c in Libra after the recent New Moon.  You can work on things now, just know that you may have to “re-do” some of it, maybe even all of it, after the Moon moves into Scorpio (almost exactly twelve hours later).

Recent Aspects

Upcoming Aspects:

Ambient Alchemy Weekly Horoscope October 11 – 18 2015 New Moon Libra & Jupiter Trine Pluto

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2015-10-11 Jupiter Trine Pluto 1 + Sun Opp Uranus

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Mystic Rectangles

2015-10-11 Jupiter Trine Pluto 1 + Sun Opp Uranus

Today is an energetic day.  The first in a series of three (that culminates in 2016), Jupiter Trine Pluto perfects.  A Focused Yod can help you “get things done.”  Be careful what priorities you choose for they may be with you for a very long time.  (Tara Greene also has a useful analysis on this.)

The annual Sun Opposite Uranus perfects also, bringing surprises and, in the high form, brilliant ideas as well as, in the low form, explosions and accidents.  Be careful and take notes as you push to “get things done.”  Moon is very old now, “Dark of the Moon,” and getting things done might mean cleaning out old crud to make way for the new and bright.  Relationships are a premium issue now, and you need to carefully decide who you do, and do not, want…

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Jupiter Trine Pluto 2015-10-11 (Focused Yod)

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Annual Sun Opposite Uranus today, also. A powerful combination producing transformation on many levels. A good day to focus as much as possible and “get things done” if you can.


Jupiter Trine Pluto 2015-10-11 (Focused Yod)

Sunday, October 11th Jupiter trines Pluto.  (This may occur on October 12th in some parts of the EU.)  This aspect only occurs twice in a twelve year period, and it tends to be an aspect that CAN be fortuitous involving “other people’s money.”  It is associated with taxes, wills, and inheritances.  This one contains a Focused Yod, and that implies “you will have to work for it.”

The apex of the FY is at Neptune in Pisces (poetry, lyrics, photography and video but also deception, criminality, drugs, alcohol, and incarceration) and is opposed by Hygeia in Virgo (health, hospitals, nurses, accountants, all with a relentless push for perfection).  One leg of the Yod has a very old Moon in Libra (relationships, and a time for cleaning and clearing out what no longer works) and the other is Astraea in Leo (law, legal, and justice).

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New Moon in Libra – Weekly Horoscopes for October 11 to 17, 2015

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Two powerful aspects on the 11th – take notes on your experiences

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She is right. Either one, alone, can be life changing. Both, together, will produce radical experiences for some of us.

Eyes of Heaven

11 Oct

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New Moon in Libra 2015

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Forecast for 2015 Libra New Moon

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October 12-13, 2015
5:05 PM PDT / 8:05 PM EDT / 12:05 AM GMT
19 Libra 20

This year’s Libra New Moon hurries us further down the continuum of change. September’s Aries lunar eclipse closed a chapter in how we get along with each other. This New Moon starts the next chapter.

The emerging chapter has very different story lines and language from the previous. They reflect decisions, realizations and shifts each of us has been moving toward since at least the spring. Think of the lines you have drawn, the self-awareness you have developed, the switches that have flipped in various key connections. They are the baseline from which you are starting now.

Enforcing that baseline is the only option, thanks to the influences accompanying the New Moon. This Moon is charged with energies far more direct, abrupt and overtly self-oriented than the grace and refinement of Libra. Propulsive…

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Daily Aspects – Oct 11 – Awareness and Ease

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5D Astrology

Its a pretty major day on Sunday with Soulful clarity and ease with any authorities in your life. You may be feeling each of these aspects on Saturday as they are applying. And it will take a bit of work to sort out the various energies.

About 4:30am on Sunday morning, the Moon ingresses Libra and the energy of the New Moon (at 8:08pm on Monday) night begins to build. A New Moon in Libra is about a ‘fresh start’ around our relating-ships, business and personal, close friends and all forms of reciprocity. As the Moon enters Libra, we begin what is called the ‘Dark of the Moon’ when we can begin to align with the combined Sun and Moon energies and intuit (Moon) what the next 2 weeks has in store for us (Sun).

This New Moon will mark the end of the Eclipse Cycle Wormhole that brings us…

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