New Moon in Libra,October 2015

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Comprehensive analysis with maps.


October New Moon will be held on 13th, 2015, at 3:05:40 in the morning at the 19 ° 20 ‘degrees of Libra, the 3rd house of the solar horoscope with Athens coordinates.

The third house is communicative arena and shows our mental capabilities. The way we deal with (in any form, written or spoken). It identifies the relationships we maintain with our nearby surroundings. Our student experiences in secondary education, our handling and possible accidents from transport, neighborhood .It is connected with characteristics of our brothers, our correspondence, short movements. Brothers, intellect, the reason, secondary education, short trips, walks, communication, knowledge, learning, library, letters, neighbors, neighboring countries, news, rumors, information, adaptability some, advertising messages, magazines, books, journalists , thoughts of someone, means of transport, public discussions, post.
The third house in political astrology is associated with all forms of transport, writers, bridges, communications, postal services, education, media, and literature. The…

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