Daily Aspects – Oct 7 – Beautiful Clarity?

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A cogent analysis of the aspects.

5D Astrology

Tuesday was a big day for aspects though clarity can be missed by many. If have to look for it and recognize the subtlety of it all. The Sun is busy bringing us lots of clarity this week, primarily around relating-ships as the Sun is Transiting in Libra.

In a one-week span, Oct 5 – 11, the Sun in Libra will aspect ALL of the Outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) as well as Venus, which rules Libra and Chiron, our collective wounding.

At 9:35pm on Wednesday night, the Sun at 14:28 Libra Semi-Squares Venus at 29:28 Leo. This is a minor aspect of some irritation that you can use to get some clarity around reciprocity in your relating-ships. This is Venus’ last aspect before she leaves the fun and casual romance of Leo for the Sign of ‘Florence Nightingale’, Virgo.

The Sun is at the degree where…

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