Mars Conjunct Jupiter 2015-10-17 (5th Harmonic activity)

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Mars Conjunct Jupiter 2015-10-17

As part of a series of aspects starting with Jupiter opposite Neptune on September 17th and Mars opposite Neptune on October 6th, we present Mars conjunct Jupiter on October 17th.

2015-10-17 Mars Conjunct Jupiter (5th Harmonic)

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We see significant 5th Harmonic activity in this chart, and this is usually good for “creatives.”

Recent events include:

Upcoming events include:

And, of course, the season has started for holidays such as Halloween.


New Moon 2015-10-12 (Thors Hammer)

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New Moon 2015-10-12  (Thors Hammer)

The New Moon of Monday, October 12, 2015 (Tuesday, October 13, 2015 in UK and EU) contains a Thor’s Hammer (Fist of God) involving Venus, Saturn, and Uranus (retrograde).  While it is a period where important new ventures can be launched, a danger exists regarding violent / dangerous individuals and organizations (be careful!).

Here is the NM chart, filtered for Thor’s Hammer:

2015-10-12 New Moon (Thors Hammer)

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Uranus is retrograde, so that should make this a particularly interesting NM.  Also noteworthy is that this NM is occurring a few days after the Mercury Direct Station.  Still in the “shadow” period after Mercury Retrograde, we are likely still processing events from that period with consideration for the efforts needed to resurrect certain old but important projects.

Recent Events

Upcoming Events:

Other Interpretations:

Mercury Direct Station 2015-10-09

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Mercury Direct Station 2015-10-09

The Mercury Retrograde period that began Thursday, September 17, 2015 will end October 9, 2015.  It is marked by two notable patterns (1) a Yod involving Neptune, Juno, and Astraea and (2) a higher order 7th Harmonic triangular pattern (arguably a 7th Harmonic “Learning Triangle”) involving Pluto, Astraea, and the North Node.  We show the first version of the chart, filtered for the Yod:

2015-10-09 Mercury Direct Station

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Here is the same chart, filtered for the 7th Harmonic “Learning Triangle”:

2015-10-09 Mercury Direct Station (7th Harmonic)

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We note that both of these patterns have Astraea (law, legal, and justice) involved in both of them.  While a number of interpretations are possisble (and often appropriate to individual situations), we believe that we might see an important divorce initiated at this time.  Astraea represents the various members of the legal system, Juno an aggrieved wife (or possibly other family member), and Neptune a husband who has a problem with drugs / alcohol or other addictive behaviors.  The North Node tells us that much work will be needed.  This will note be an easy process for those involved.

Here is the U.S. Map.  We note that most activations are in the eastern half of the United States (the most densely populated portion) and particularly along the region commonly identified as the “East Coast.”

2015-10-09 Mercury Direct Station (US Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the world map:

2015-10-09 Mercury Direct Station (World Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Other recent aspects:

Upcoming events:

Other interpretations of Mercury Direct station on this date:

Stay tuned for more developments!

Fierce Struggles and Strange Fancies, October 7 – 11

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We have a quite a full astral menu this week, with a multitude of opportunities to overcome some of our worst obstacles and as well as options as to how to respond to whatever life tosses our way.

As I type Mars in Virgo moves closer into an exact opposition with Neptune in Pisces, an aspect of crazy or hazy making which has been building for several days and will be in effect for a few more. We’ve had some rude awakenings lately, and the myriad ways we have been lied to or have lied to ourselves is being spelled out for us, literally or symbolically. Desires are also changing radically for many people. What once was desperately wanted is now nothing more than a fleeting fancy of the past. Things that we once grasped onto for dear life are now just passing through. Now there is suddenly something more…

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Daily Aspects – Oct 7 – Beautiful Clarity?

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A cogent analysis of the aspects.

5D Astrology

Tuesday was a big day for aspects though clarity can be missed by many. If have to look for it and recognize the subtlety of it all. The Sun is busy bringing us lots of clarity this week, primarily around relating-ships as the Sun is Transiting in Libra.

In a one-week span, Oct 5 – 11, the Sun in Libra will aspect ALL of the Outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) as well as Venus, which rules Libra and Chiron, our collective wounding.

At 9:35pm on Wednesday night, the Sun at 14:28 Libra Semi-Squares Venus at 29:28 Leo. This is a minor aspect of some irritation that you can use to get some clarity around reciprocity in your relating-ships. This is Venus’ last aspect before she leaves the fun and casual romance of Leo for the Sign of ‘Florence Nightingale’, Virgo.

The Sun is at the degree where…

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New Moon in Libra,October 2015

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Comprehensive analysis with maps.

*Astrology workings*

October New Moon will be held on 13th, 2015, at 3:05:40 in the morning at the 19 ° 20 ‘degrees of Libra, the 3rd house of the solar horoscope with Athens coordinates.

The third house is communicative arena and shows our mental capabilities. The way we deal with (in any form, written or spoken). It identifies the relationships we maintain with our nearby surroundings. Our student experiences in secondary education, our handling and possible accidents from transport, neighborhood .It is connected with characteristics of our brothers, our correspondence, short movements. Brothers, intellect, the reason, secondary education, short trips, walks, communication, knowledge, learning, library, letters, neighbors, neighboring countries, news, rumors, information, adaptability some, advertising messages, magazines, books, journalists , thoughts of someone, means of transport, public discussions, post.
The third house in political astrology is associated with all forms of transport, writers, bridges, communications, postal services, education, media, and literature. The…

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October 2015 Astrology

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MARS opposes NEPTUNE, reignite the dream

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

This is an important transit, between Mars in Virgo, very earthy, grounded, accountable,practical and REAL. Neptune in its’ home sign Pisces, the spiritual, KARMA and everything ephemeral and mystical. This is Exact on Oct 6 @ 7:53 pm PDT/ 10:53 pm EDT

I would definitely use this aspect in a practical magic ritual.

Mars in Virgo  September 24-Nov. 12 

MARS in Virgo energy is extremely analytical hard-working and precisely driven. Virgo is ruled by MERCURY, it is a mutable grounded sign with a strong intellectual connotation. Mars in Virgo’s energy is very disciplined about health, diet, hygiene and order. Mars in Virgo brings out the  OCD impulses, always worrying and fussing. This is a time of hyper criticism and focussing on what is communicated. Mars in Virgo will have you balance your books, rail on your budgets, and be super nerdy. Much like Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory. BAZINGA!


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Mars Opposite Neptune 2015-10-06 (Yod)

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Mars Opposite Neptune 2015-10-06 (Yod)

Others have written about this aspect on this date, and what we have to add is that some of us will face an important decision at this time.  Since “things” are confusing with this aspect, we urge you to check, and double check, all details and facts before making the decision.

Here is the chart for perfection of Mars opposite Neptune on this date, filtered to highlight the Yod:

2015-10-06 Mars Opp Neptune

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Since Retrograde Mercury is part of this Yod, be certain that you will receive news about this decision, and maybe have to revisit it, after Mercury moves direct on October 9th.  You may also want to review our analysis of the recent perfection of Jupiter opposite Neptune which happened September 17th of this year.

October 6th: If it sounds too good to be true

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Daily Sidereal Astrology Horoscope: Tuesday October 6th 2015

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Focus On: The Hard and the Soft–Neptune and Pluto 6-7 October 2015

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As usual, an excellent analysis.

Oct 5 weekly preview by Tara Greene

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Monday Oct. 5 except for a Cancer Moon making a Uranus Cardinal Square which we have all come to know and love, the energies are light cosmically speaking. Moon trines Chiron so there may be some good healing opps. today.

If it’s your party you can cry if you want to. 

Bonefire Tarot Ace of cups Tara Greene

The Ace of Cups is the Daily Card for October 5 -watch video

Bonefire Tarot by Gabrielle West. 

Tuesday will be intense. Moon enters passionate LEO in the wee hours.

SUN squares PLUTO a twice a year affair. Watch for big political moves and rebalances of power. We are heading for a Federal election in Canada. October 19.  I predict there will be a change of power.

MERCURY Sextiles Saturn which is great for re-tinkering projects. 

MARS OPPOSES NEPTUNE -The Big Reality check begins. Bring those dreams down to earth.

Pipe dreams must be accounted for. Be careful drinking…

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The Secret History of Astrology

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Excellent article about fundamentals of astrology. Very close to, maybe even the same as, my own ideas on the topic.

How can I bring peace in to my life? New Moon in Libra, Barbara Goldsmith

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