Witnessing and Mirrors

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I agree. We are processing much now that has happened over the past few weeks. Mercury Direct Station + New Moon will move us into a new phase.

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Many of us didn’t get education of this sort as kids – in fact, most kids still don’t.  So we need to locate Discernment Skills on our own…

“Self-regulation can be taught to many kids who cycle between frantic activity and immobility. In addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic, all kids need to learn self-awareness, self-regulation, and communication as part of their core curriculum.  Just as we teach history and geography, we need to teach children how their brains and bodies work.  For adults and children alike, being in control of ourselves requires becoming familiar with our inner world and accurately identifying what scares, upsets, or delights us.

“Emotional intelligence starts with labeling your own feelings and attuning to the emotions of the people around you.  We begin very simply: with mirrors.  Looking into a mirror helps kids to be aware of what they look like when they are sad…

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Eclipse Babies

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